Rainy Day Activities For Children

Kids get bored when they can't go outside to play. Here are some rainy day activities for children, to keep them from climbing the walls.

Rain, rain go away... That chant doesn't always work. Kid love playing outside, but what about when it's raining cats and dogs? Usually, all the want to do is watch television. We all know, however that too much tv is not good for them. Here are some rainy day activities for your kids, so they don't climb the wall or drive YOU up the wall!

Rainy Day Activities:

-have a puppet show

-put on a play


-count money (teach your child to differentiate between dimes, nickels, quarters and pennies, or give them tons of pennies and let them count them into a jar)

-make things with play dough

-take a bubble bath

-bake cookies

-watch a movie

-build a tent with blankets

-play hand games

-play board games

-exercise(they can dress up in their leotards and play health aerobics)

-cut out pictures in magazines (paste to make a collage or a book)

-carve soap(for older child, with parental supervision)

-give them paper and pen (you will be amazed)

-teach them to sew (get bunches of old scrap material, needle and thread and you're all set)

-play hide and seek inside

-play hide the spoon

-make up a new snack

-play pet store with their stuffed animals

-take a nap

-hang man


-speak in pig latin

-have a picnic on the floor(in their bathing suits)

-make a band (make a tamborine with paperplates, beans and glue)

-computer games

-simon says

-play with a balloon (keep it off of the floor)

-make smores by the fire

-shadow puppets

-clean out the closets

-make paper airplanes

-try the ole make your own music trick: get several glasses, fill each of them with different amounts of water, then tap on them with a spoon to hear the different sounds they make.

-paint your fingernails

-play house

-play barbie

-play with toys cars, and small toys to make a city.

-make a bird feeder

-write a story, draw the pictures, staple or tie with yarn.

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