Rainy Day Activities For Kids

These rainy day activities for kids can be a lifesafer on those dull days.

Rainy days can be difficult when you have a young child at home. No discerning parent wants their child to watch television all day, but coming up with activities can be challenging. The following activities are simple projects to share with your child. They utilize simple materials found in most homes and will excite your child with worthwhile diversions.

The toothpick marshmallow activity can appeal to a wide variety of ages. The only materials needed are wooden tooth picks and mini-marshmallows. You may need to get them started by showing them how to insert the toothpicks into the marshmallow to begin your building. You can easily make a square base, and build a tower. If your child wants to build a snowflake, that can be accomplished by sticking many toothpicks into one marshmallow, and attaching marshmallows onto the other end of the toothpicks. The possibilities are endless. Children will enjoy this tactile and stimulating project.

If you are working in the kitchen and are using eggs in a recipe, you can instantly create a game for your young child. Simply poke small holes into the ends of the egg, and blow out the contents. Rinse the emptied egg carefully with an anti-bacterial soap or a mild bleach water solution. Put two pieces of tape on the floor or a table. These tape strips should be about 3 feet apart. Place the egg in the middle of the two strips. Have your child attempt to blow the egg to the tape strip that is furthest away. Have another child or yourself, attempt to blow the egg toward the first child. In this way you have created an egg soccer field, and a great deal of competitive fun for your children.

A memorable activity can be created by stapling about ten pages together to make a book. Ask your child to illustrate a book with crayons and markers. Sit down with the child and write the words the child suggests for his/her book. This is the type of craft that is fun for children to look back at, and assess their progress. This activity provides long lasting entertainment. The child will probably ask you to read this special book often, and is a great key to you child's development.

The book KIDS CREATE, by Laurie Carlson provides instructions for a simple piñata can be created with a paper grocery bag and tissue paper. Cut the varied colored tissue paper into strips about 3 inches wide. The strips should be long enough to circle the paper bag. without constricting it. Make slits in these strips to create a fringe look. Starting at the bottom of the bag, glue the strips around the entire bag. The subsequent strips should overlap to create a lantern like appearance. Attack long strips of tissue paper to the bottom of the bag. Fill the bag with candy and prizes. Close the top of the bag with yarn. The next step is to invite a couple of your child's friends over to join in the fun. This is a great rainy day craft, and a good chance to encourage other children to have good, creative indoor fun.

These are a few simple ideas that can help when your child is stuck indoors. There are many ways to entertain children on rainy days. Simple materials like paper plates, empty paper rolls, construction paper and glue can be your best friend when you are trying to keep a child busy. The key is to engage the child, and take the time to appreciate the effort. This will encourage your child and enhance their creativity while creating a peaceful environment for yourself.

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