Rainy Days Crafts With Whining Kids

It is raining and you are in the house with an unhappy child: what to do? Here are some rainy day craft ideas to help pass the time and have fun.

A clap of thunder and the rain begins to pitter patter on the roof. Lightning is streaking from the clouds to the earth. Suddenly a noise more deafening than the thunder shrieks through the house. It is the sound of a bored and whining child, stuck in the house on a rainy day.

First instinct of the frazzled parent is to put a tape into the VCR and plug their child into Disney, Barney or one of the hundreds of tapes from the cabinet. That will hold a six year old for maybe thirty minutes. Then the shrieking will begin again, and often times, a lot louder.

So, what to do with this whining child on a rainy day? Play. Here are crafts and games and fun ways to clean the house that will keep your child busy and happy in between meals and bedtime.

The morning goes by quickly with breakfast, wash ups and getting dressed. Throw in a craft project and it will soon be lunch. One easy project requires common household items and one that can be found inexpensively in any drug store. The project is for Clothespin People. These can be made with the spring clothes pin or the solid slide type. Cotton balls and yarn glued on for hair. Construction paper or fabric scraps for clothes and markers for a face. Be creative and add pipe cleaner arms or button hats. Have an old shoe box or two handy to make a perfect clothespin people house.

Wow, look at the time: lunch. The time between lunch and dinner is often the hardest, usually a stretch of five or six hours. After lunch play a game of pick up sticks or go fish. Cards are inexpensive and help your youngster learn numbers, letters and colors.

Another great craft that makes wonderful gifts is a Lifetime Terrarium. Save your jars from sauce, baby food and other items. The clear jars work best. Send your child on an outing on clear days to gather small rocks and stones for future projects and invest in a bunch or two of small flowers. These can be obtained for under five dollars and you get a good number of buds per bunch. Glue rocks and a couple of flowers on the inside of the jar cover. Close the jar (upside down) and you have a mini Lifetime Terrarium. Be creative and add a ribbon to the seam of the jar and cover or paint a special message on the outside of the jar. These are inexpensive to make and are wonderful gifts for friends and family from the children.

Dinner time. Clean up from dinner can be fun for a small child. Have yours sort the silverware (minus sharp items), or help stack dishes, biggest to smallest. There are many fun things a child can do that also helps them learn. Biggest to smallest is great with the stackable Tupperware.

Do laundry. Children are great helpers and have lots of fun sorting clothes by color and size. Hate matching socks? Your children will love playing the match the sock game.

Clean up around our house is always fun. Invest in a kid size broom and an electric broom (they come apart to be dust buster size.) These are perfect for the little helpers to clean their rooms and help the adults. Nothing feels better for a child than to feel needed and useful.

On rainy days, I have gone to the moon, operated a grocery store and been to the doctor all without having left my house. When you have a child with an immense imagination, the fun that can be had on a rainy day is endless. Be creative, be open to adventure and have fun. And when all else fails, put on your rain coat, take off your shoes and leave the umbrella inside. A little rain and mud will do a rainy day kid good.

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