Raising Money: Great Cheerleading Fundraiser Activities

Learn about several different cheerleading fundraisers to use to raise money for your squad!

Face Painting

Before sports games, offer face painting to fans and children. Paint the team logo, the high school mascot, the school's initials, pompons, footballs, basketballs, and anything else that may be relevant! You can find face paints and paint brushes at your local craft store. This fundraiser would work best for cheerleaders with artistic inclinations. You can charge per face painting (no more than a dollar) or you could ask for donations. If you let your customers know that you are trying to raise funds, they may be more likely to donate to your cause.

Bake Sale

Find a sale on premixed cake mixes, brownie mixes, and cookie mixes. Find recipes that require only a few inexpensive ingredients. Bake as much as you can and sell your product for at least a dollar per goodie. Make sure you warn customers if any products include peanuts, as some people have severe allergies. Remember to keep everything sanitary! This fundraiser works very well in conjunction with a car wash.

Car Wash

Put on some shorts and a tank top and get ready to spend a day washing cars! Post signs around town and do not forget to place a few cheerleaders with car wash signs along the street to catch the attention of passing drivers. Require a car washing fee of a dollar, but ask for donations as well. Get as many volunteers as possible to help out with the washing. The more man-power you have, the more money you will make! Choose one or two people to be in charge of collecting money so that the money does not get misplaced. Remember to stay positive!


Talk with local grocery stores about donating food for a cookout. Burgers, hotdogs, buns, soda, and chips are the main necessities. Most grocery stores will be willing to donate something for the cause, so check with many stores. Find a location (schools will often sponsor a location) and pick a date to hold a cookout. Charge an admission price (somewhere around five dollars) and have your parents and friends help cook the food. Not only is this a great fundraiser, but it also helps everyone meet other people in the community.


Confer with your principal about this before trying this fundraiser. This fundraiser works great right around Valentine's Day. Set up camp in the cafeteria during lunch periods and have students donate two dollars to have a cheerleader perform a Valentine's Day cheer for his or her sweetie at the end of the week. It may sound hokey, but you will be surprised at how many people will pay two dollars just to see their friends react! Once again, it is important that this fundraiser is endorsed by the school before you follow through.

Pep Notes

Send a note home to the parents of sports players that will inform them about pep notes. For a small fee, they can have a personalized pep note made by a cheerleader sent to their son or daughter. Many parents will jump at the change to send their children a bit of positive reinforcement!

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