What Are The Range Of Fence Prices?

What are the range of fence prices? Cost and service charges for professional installation of a chain-link fence. You're looking to build a fence for your yard, but you're curious about how much all of this...

You're looking to build a fence for your yard, but you're curious about how much all of this will cost you. Our fence expert, Richard Novigrod, who has ten years experience building fences, says the cost of constructing a fence all depends on what type of fence you choose.

"It would depend on the type and the height because chain link comes in different weights and dimensions. So, it really depends on what you're trying to accomplish.

Usually, you work out those estimates on an individual basis. If you ask me a price per foot on wood, I would say you could anticipate spending about twelve dollars a foot for putting up a new wood fence with wood posts, then an additional one-and-a-half to two dollars to tear down the old fence and haul it away. For chain link it's harder to say. I'd be guessing if I told you the price per foot because the price of steel has fluctuated more than the price of wood (especially in the last year, the price of steel has gone up several percentage points, maybe even 50 percent). I would say you're probably looking at somewhere around eight to nine dollars a foot, depending on the height. The wood fence is probably more expensive," Novigrod says.

According to the website, Vinylbydesign.com, chain link fences are the biggest sellers. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, they account for more than half of all fence sales. Chain link is cheaper than most fences. It costs about six dollars per foot when installed.

As for wooden fences, they account for 9.8 percent of market sales. Building a 4-foot wooden picket fence could cost you nine dollars a foot. Building a 6-foot privacy fence can run you between 13 and 14 dollars per foot.

Then, there are ornamental steel and wrought iron fences. These are non-wire fences that account for 15 percent of market sales. Those styles can cost you between 21 to 30 dollars per foot.

PVC fencing accounts for five percent of fence sales, and has shown some growth since it was created 20 years ago. This type of fencing comes in white, beige, or gray. It will cost you 17 dollars per foot.

When building your fence, one way you can cut costs is to install it yourself. However, before you begin building your fence you need to ask yourself what type of fence will suit your needs. Do you want a fence that will provide privacy for sunbathing? Do you want your fence to have a unique look? Do you want a fence that is more for security or for barrier purposes? After asking yourself these questions, you can determine what direction you need to take. If you want a more unique look, an ornamental or decorative fence could be options to choose from.

Whatever type of fence you choose, Novigrod says make sure you take care of it. You're fence will last a long time with good maintenance.

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