Is Rape Or Money The Most Common Reason For Violent Crime?

Is rape or money the most common reason for violent crime? You should learn to defend yourself from rape and robbery, two of the most common reasons for violent crime. Yes. There are really two primary...

Yes. There are really two primary factors. Everything leads to back to money, whether they are robbing a jewellery store for drug money or whether they are stealing a car stereo to sell at a pawn shop. The money is the biggest factor. The second active reason, is simply for the act of violence, as I am sure you may already know. It is something of a control issue and often happens with people who the victims are acquainted with. But, we are talking about crime that occurs anywhere walking on the street, or coming out of mall parking lot. Those are the two key factors of crime that is perpetuated on people in this country, money and the act of rape/violence.

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