Rat Control

Taking proper precautions in pest control will keep the rat population not only under control but prevent infectious diseases from infiltrating the human population.

The sound of scratching in the middle of the night can mean one of many things. And one of those things is noise is coming from a particular type of nocturnal animal known as that furry rodent the rat.

It's not a pleasant idea for anyone to realize that these creatures can find and do find their way inside any building or any house where they will end up making their home. Nonetheless the fact is that these animals will show up in those areas where proper precautions to prevent them from moving in aren't being made.

From the beginning of time or at least through the history of mankind these rodents have plagued us, bringing with them terrible plagues that have in some areas nearly wiped out the human population""one of which was the bubonic plague occurring in Europe during the thirteenth century. These rodents came to American on ships, and carried with them fleas, another major source of disease, one being namely the plague.

Unfortunately, this creature the rat coming into America in the late 1700's, has since that time pretty much thrived in its environment. Rats are smart, and cunning, and once established in any particular area, are not easy to get rid of or even to control.

The fact that rats do carry a number of diseases, among which the most serious, hantavirus and leptospirosis, which have resulted in the deaths of some of those infected, presents a serious health hazard to the immediate environment. This is why all effort should be made to keep these pests under control, and to essentially prevent a rat population from growing.

And rats do make their home just about anywhere and everywhere, as they can eat just about anything made available to them.

Outside of poisons, nothing seems to deter these creatures, as they can even make a meal out of animal feces. And speaking of droppings, their own pellet like feces will often provide some clue that they have indeed infested an area. These dropping, which can be found in attics, in basements, in cabinets, and garages will at least let it be known where these creatures have chosen to settle, and consequently where methods of pest control should then be employed.

Educating oneself about these creatures can help fight the battle in helping to at least control them. Rats live less than a year, which for most animals is a relatively short life span. But considering the fact that they do produce young approximately six times a year ensures a steady growth in the rat population. Baby rats mature quite fast, and unfortunately are able to produce their own young in a short amount of time, also less than a year. This again helps them ensure that a healthy rat population is always in place. And one reason why mankind has been able to do little to wipe these creatures off the face of the earth. And one reason that why proper method of control is vital, at least in terms of keeping the rat population to a minimum.

Regularly checking the perimeter of a building for small openings will help keep these creatures from entering into a building or a house. If a decision is made to trap these creatures instead, check with local hardware stores, or exterminators to find out what type of trap is best as there are several designed specifically for catching these rodents. These traps should be place close to where the rats nest, or in those areas where rat droppings have been spotted. Some ideas for bait are peanut butter, peanuts, pieces of bread, and the proverbial piece of cheese. Although this list could probably be expanded as rats do have a voracious appetite and will probably go for any foodstuff that is put inside a trapping device.

And since these rodents do carry dangerous diseases, again it is imperative that they be controlled. Since the fleas they carry in turn bring their own brand of diseases, it is always a good idea to use some form of insecticide before handling or disposing the body of a dead rat.

Of course bringing in a feline friend or two may help remedy the situation, unless of course the rats are bigger than the cats, in which case a larger animal, such as a dog may be the better choice. But always keep in mind that since rats do bring in disease that is not only harmful to humans but to cats and dogs as well, such as rabies, it is imperative to keep a pet's rabies shots up to date.

If poisons are to be a consideration, this method may present a danger to domestic animals and worse, to children. But if a poison is to be used, then it might be best to consult a professional, i.e. an exterminator who would not only know how to implement this method, but would do it with the safety of others in mind.

The best way to control a rat situation is to give them no reason to come around in the first place. Garbage cans with exceptionally tight lids that are made of metal, as rats are able to gnaw through plastic are recommended. Storing any kind of foodstuff inside containers again using metal that cannot be gnawed through and with tight lids will at least provide a suitable deterrent.

Rats will continue to exist side by side with mankind, and the best any of us can do is to try to employ those methods described above in order to keep their numbers down to a reasonable level.

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