Razor Scooter Safety

Every kid wants a razor scooter, but you've heard they are dangerous, find out the truth about these hot new toys and learn proper safety.

Unless you are living in a cave, you've seen razor scooters. The hottest new toy on every kid's wish list is zooming around your neighborhood as we speak. Sort of a cross between a skateboard, rollerblades and a plain old scooter, razor scooters have been the subject of great controversy due to some serious injuries being associated with their use. There are also motorized scooters, gas powered and electric. The truth is, there really isn't any more risk to using a razor scooter than there is riding a bike, a skateboard or rollerskating. Perhaps it is the ominous name of the thing that has us all worked up and paranoid, not to mention the news flashes every network has to run in order to drum up hysteria over new products. Freak accidents will occur with any toy, but it is the new toys that will receive the most publicity from it. With proper safety, razor scooters can be a fun toy for your children and the price has already dropped in half from the original one hundred dollar price tag that they originally carried.

As with bicycles and rollerblades, your child will need to wear proper safety equipment with a razor scooter. Good fitting helmets are a necessity, as are proper knee and elbow pads. The safest razor scooters are the kind that have a hand brake, but the ones without are stopped by the child dragging his foot on the back tire. This provides some heavy wear and tear on those expensive sneakers. Of course, it should go without saying that you should never let your child run over his brother's hands with a razor scooter.

Keep your child off the road. Razor scooters are not street vehicles and are better suited for parks and driveways. The same safety rules that apply to bikes should apply to scooters. No child under 6 should ride a scooter and it is a good idea for your child to know how to ride a bike before he ventures off on a scooter. If your scooter is the folding kind, it is crucial to be sure no fingers or toes or other body parts are near the hinge. These scooters are made from thin, sharp metal in some cases and the cheaper your scooter is, the cheaper the metal. Inspect any scooter carefully before you buy it: cheap knock-offs are thrown together quickly and there is a difference in quality.

The consumer product safety commission reported that 9,400 emergency room injuries from razor scooters have been reported in 2000. It has been noted that 60% of these injuries could have been prevented or reduced if protective gear had been worn. Most of the injuries were to children under 15 and most were caused by falling off the scooter. Compare this to the estimated 107,000 inline skating injuries in 1995 and it doesn't seem like such a dangerous toy after all. As with anything your child ventures into, safety is the key, and with the proper equipment and instruction in safety, a razor scooter will not provide any more danger than the toys your child already plays with.

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