Reading Astrological Charts

Reading astrological charts: astrological charts look at many aspects of personality with great depth, beyond the persons immediate sun sign.

Astrology is more of a science than an art and while it is a sociological phenomena, one that has interested our entire population as evidenced by horoscopes in daily newspapers everywhere, it has more depth than many would give it credit. The astrological sign that most people are familiar with is the persons sun sign and therefore tells where the sun was positioned when the person was born in conjunction with the earth. The sun sign is the most influential part of the chart, just as in a chemical compound it is the majority of the substances mixed together. However the astrological chart also looks at where other planets were at the time of the persons birth and their influence on that persons life. Skeptics might scoff at the idea of planets having such an influence while ignoring that one of those heavenly bodies, the moon in particular does effect the tides and woman and other aspects of our society. When the moon is full sanitariums, police stations, hospitals and emergency services certainly know that the moon is effecting people. So it should not be surprising that astrology is more than a brief daily paragraph in a newspaper and that charts can literally chart the course of someones life identifying their families, information about marriage and children, finance, love and secret enemies and problems.

The first most important part of the astrological chart is the Sun Sign. This is the major factor in there personality and life path. Each sign has lessons to learn and indeed has a certain style and characteristics. At the core of this is the sun sign. What is different is that each of us is born a different day. While all Capricorns might be born in the same time period of months, they still are different individually. The different times and dates and other aspects of the chart provide this information. Just as all policemen are still policemen and part of one category, but are different individuals. So they may have traits in common but also have some vast differences.

The second most important part of an astrological chart is the Rising Sign or Ascendant. This indicates how the person will look and has a very strong influence on the personality. As in a chemical compound it is the second most important part of the mix.

The third most important planet or section in the astrological chart is the moon sign. The moon influences a persons emotions. So for example a person may be a Capricorn sun sign the greatest factor, and secondly a Rising sign Leo how they look and outwardly appear to others, and thirdly a moon sign of Scorpio which would indicate their emotions. As you can tell from the above example you can see how this lends itself to a more complex and unique interpretation of the astrological chart and a more complete personality profile.

While others may argue the importance and influence of the other parts of the astrological chart, many would say that where Venus was positioned was very important. This indicates love life, how you love, who you love or would be attracted to when taken into context with the rest of the chart.

There are 12 houses as there are 12 months and 12 signs of the Zodiac and each house is mapped in the stars and indicates information about the persons life to include finances, love life, marriage and children and much more. The above explanation is just the tip of the iceberg.

In conclusion we have briefly covered a few of the key areas and aspects of astrology. It has been illustrated that astrology is far more complex with a variety of factors that more truly delineate the character and personality of each individual than most people are aware. People quickly buy books in bookstores and at cash registers about their sun sign, not realizing they are only getting a percentage of the truth. Indeed they are only looking at part of the chemical mix that makes each of us an individual. Explore what has been mapped out for you in the heavens, through the power and beauty of the stars, remembering that even the Magi, astrologers, followed a Star to an important final destination.

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