Is Real Estate Management Growing As A Profession?

Is real estate management growing as a profession? Real estate or property management is a fast-growing profession partially because more buildings and property is being bought, built and sold today to satisfy our population's space requirements. Property managers are also becoming more commonplace as rea.

It actually is. One of the reasons that may be happening is because of population itself and its requirements for space. We have more buildings and more types of buildings, so it is just a bigger inventory of properties out of that.

We have a big growing market rate in the second home market, people buying condominiums and other places. It's a growing real estate market, and there are more buildings, so there is more need for property managers.

The second reason is greater personal investment in real estate. Whether people are buying for either long or short term gains, probably the number one reason that I think property management is growing is that it's becoming more and more accepted by owners of properties, particularly if they have tried to run a property themselves without the necessary skills and knowledge. People are realizing that real estate management really is a profession that requires special training, special education and development of special skills. A lot of people who invest and feel they are going to save money by operating the property themselves will eventually turn to a manager after they get some issues that might prove not so easy to handle by themselves. We try to make it look easy, but there is a lot to it. There are also people who have run the properties themselves and have reached a point where they decide that they have bought more properties beyond their capability in terms of time and energy. They simply didn't have the expertise in the first place and are now hiring it out, which is a wise decision.

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