Reasons For Weaning Your Baby From Breast Feeding.

Considering your reason for wanting to wean your baby from breastfeeding will help make your decision more certain.

Deciding when you want to wean your baby from breastfeeding can be a very big and difficult decision, especially if your baby is very young yet. Some mothers will hesitate at the mere thought of it and others might be more than ready. Both good and bad reasons circulate in our society for weaning from breastfeeding and arming yourself with knowledge is the best way to handle it.

The weaning of a baby from breastfeeding begins when the first supplemental bottle of formula or food is introduced. Even though your baby may not quit nursing, once something else is added to their diet, they are likely to begin nursing less and become more accustomed to food.

One very bad reason to wean from the breast is claiming your baby is becoming too bonded to you. Babies are born designed to bond with their mothers and by weaning your baby solely for that reason, you deprive your infant of valuable nutrition. More harm is done for a baby who is not bonded to its mother than one who is.

Another poor reason for weaning is claiming you want your baby to sleep through the night. A breastfed baby can sleep through the night just as well as a formula-fed baby. Though breastmilk is digested quicker, leaving baby hungry quicker than with formula, the time passes quickly enough when your baby will be needing less from you and sleeping more.

Another common reason for weaning is because a mother is returning to work. Though this can be a valid reason if work is completely incompatible with pumping and continuing to nurse, most employers can make some accommodations for a nursing mother and so can a mother alter her schedule and pump milk to provide for her baby's needs.

Some mothers think they need more freedom than breastfeeding will allow and make the decision to wean their babies. Though freedom can be a life-saver, there are ways to handle it. Competent child care which enables the feeding of your pumped breastmilk is the first thing to consider. With the modern designs of today's pumps, it is much easier and faster than ever before.

A very common reason given for weaning from the breast is the assumption that baby is not getting enough nutrition from breastfeeding. Very few women have this difficulty and seeing your baby watch you eat is not sufficient cause to justify introducing solids and weaning. Other factors play a part when solids can be introduced and breastfeeding can be continued for a long time after.

Possibly the worst reason to wean your baby is because someone else told you to. Whether it is a well-meaning friend or relative, it is no one else's decision but your own. Think for yourself and make a decision for your own family's needs.

A good reason to wean from the breast is if the baby cannot be exposed to a medication the mother is taking. Though many drugs are fine with breastfeeding, some can be harmful and a physician or pharmacist should be consulted before a decision is made.

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