Reception And Ceremony Locations: Great Wedding Sites In Sacramento

Planning to get married in Sacramento, California? Here's an overview to some of the best wedding places and locations for your indoor or outdoor ceremony and reception.

If you are planning a wedding and reception in Sacramento, the capital of California, you'll find its natural beauty, its Gold Rush history, and its Victorian architecture a pleasing surprise for any size party.The following ideas will get you started.Keep in mind, of course, that a lot of brides may be competing for the very same dates as you, especially during the summer months.

In addition, if you are planning to be married (or just have splendid photo ops) in any of the city parks or on the grounds of the State Capitol, additional planning time and special permits will be required.


If your wedding party is small and intimate, you can't go wrong with any of the magnificent bed and breakfast inns that make Sacramento such a popular tourist spot.Many of these are located in what is called the Midtown area and provide plenty of enticements for the first night of your honeymoon, including fireplaces, Jacuzzi tubs and in-room breakfasts.Among the favorites are The Sterling Hotel, The Inn at Parkside, and Vizcaya.The Sterling is located at 1300 H Street and has a beautiful restaurant attached called Chanterelle.For an Asian flare, try The Inn at Parkside which dates from the 1930's and has the distinction of having been the official residence of the representative to Nationalist China.; its basement bar would make the perfect place for a cozy reception.Vizcaya, located at 2019 21st Street, will remind you of an Italian villa.


One of the advantages of Midtown nuptials is the number of quaint Victorian churches, as well as ethnic eateries that are equipped for creative catering.Among the best are Aioli (18th and L Streets) which features Spanish tapas; Celestin's (2516 J Street) where the taste buds of your wedding guests can indulge in Caribbean fare and intoxicating mojitos; and Biba (2801 Capitol Avenue) renowned for its Italian cuisine and celebrity chef owner.


During the Bicentennial, California's capitol building underwent a major renovation that made it even more spectacular than ever before.The grounds, of course, have always been photo-worthy, with many a bride and groom posing under the huge trees and in the adjacent park dedicated to California's fallen military and law enforcement heroes.If you plan to have your ceremony on the grounds, you will need to obtain permission from the State or, even better, have your legislator put in a good word for you.As with many government facilities, post 9/11 security concerns have made it more difficult for couples to hold events on State property.If you have plenty of leeway to plan in advance, however, a clearance isn't impossible to obtain.Fall and spring are the optimum months for photography.Oh, and it also helps to bring along plenty of peanuts for the resident squirrels who will expect to have a place in your pictures!


The McKinley Park Rose Garden in Midtown is a favorite for both locals and visitors.Every color imaginable can be found here, plus picture-perfect settings.A permit is required from the Sacramento City Chamber of Commerce, plus you will have to bring in your own chairs if you want your guests to be seated.The only downside is the park's proximity to Capitol Avenue and J Street traffic noises but the beautiful setting more than compensates for occasional disturbances.If you are getting married in the summer, try to secure a morning or late afternoon slot as the park is inclined to get pretty toasty.


William Land Park is probably best known for being home to the Sacramento Zoo.Its expansive grounds, bike trails and fountains, however, make it an ideal setting for any size wedding.If your idea of a romantic reception involves buffet fare, you may want to consider contacting David Berkeley's in the Pavillions Plaza on Fair Oaks Blvd. and asking them to cater your event for you.This may also be the one time you decide not to opt for a traditional white cake and simply go for a bunch of slices of their chocolate decadence.Trust me.Your guests will love you for it.


Another project of the 1970's Bicentennial was the refurbishment of the waterfront district into a trendy, upscale venue reminiscent of a Wild West town.Vintage restaurants and bars, horse and carriage rides, and even an authentic Mississippi riverboat make Old Sacramento the perfect spot for wedding couples who like nostalgia.There is no shortage of picturesque spots for exchanging vows (including the banks of the river), plus a host of restaurants with banquet facilities to accommodate even the largest wedding party.


This is one of the premiere boating and picnic spots of Northern California.If your wedding is more of a casual nature, there are plenty of parks and lakeside retreats to accommodate you.The influx of high tech industries to the Highway 50 corridor has also brought with it a number of major hotels and restaurants, all of which can handle formal events.This area is also less than two hours away from the ski resorts for those who are planning a winter wonderland honeymoon.


Its reputation as a government town made Sacramento a prime spot for high rise hotels and an elegant convention center in the heart of the city.The good news for wedding planners, of course, is that major venues such as the downtown Hyatt Regency and the Sheraton tend to empty out on weekends when legislators return to their districts.This means lower rates and package deals that may be too good to pass up.

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