Recipe for homemade herbal toner

Homemade herbal toners are very effective and cheap if you make them yourself with this recipe. They remove dirt and grime, fight aging, treat acne and give the skin a healthy new glow.

The best way to achieve good looks is through natural ingredients. They are easy to get, more effective and, most importantly, cheap.

A herbal toner removes the last traces of dirt and grime from the skin's surface, fights ageing, treats acne and gives the skin a healthy new glow.

Here are some recipes of homemade herbal toners -

1.Glycerin2 drops

Rose water3 drops

Calendula 4 drops

Witch hazel5 drops

Aloe vera gel2 drops

Mix the ingredients well. Moisten a cotton ball with the mixture. Wipe face and neck area after cleansing and prior to moisturizing. Use daily. This toner has skin restorative, wound healing and soothing properties.

This is good for dry, mature and sensitive skin types.

2.Dry basil6-7 leaves

Dry peppermint0.5oz

Distilled water 2 cups

Tea tree essential oil1 tablespoon

Dry thyme 7 oz

Boil the herbs in water for 2 hours. Strain. Discard herbs. Keep herbal water in a jar. Add tea tree oil. Mix well for proper distribution. Moisten a cotton ball with the mixture. Wipe face and neck areas removing sebum and dirt. This is great for acne and blemishes. [Add 1 cup of perfumer's alcohol to the mixture to preserve. Shake well.]

This works well on oily and combination skin types.

3.Cucumber 1 (large) peeled, crushed

Honey5 tablespoon

Make a paste with cucumber. (Puree in a blender). Pour it through a sieve. Collect the juice in a bottle. Add honey. Shake bottle to mix well. Moisten a cotton ball with the mixture and wipe face. This toner is excellent to treat dark spots on the face left behind by various outbreaks while honey moisturizes and softens the skin.

This is good for oily skin.

3.Witch hazel 7 drops

Juniper berry oil3 drops

Rosemary oil 5 drops

Dry peppermint1 oz

Distilled water 1 cup

Boil peppermint in water for ½ hour. Strain water in a bottle. Add the rest of the ingredients. Shake well for proper distribution of the oils. Moisten a cotton ball. Wipe face and neck area gently. This superb toner invigorates, cleanses, rejuvenates and fights facial infections.

This is good for oily as well as normal and combination skin types.

4. Witch hazel 5 drops

Aloe vera gel3 drops

Apple cider vinegar 5 oz

Perfumer's alcohol1 oz

Mix all the ingredients in a bottle. Shake well for even distribution. Apply all over face and neck with a cotton ball. This toner can be well preserved for several months due to the presence of alcohol.

This soothing toner is good for all skin types.

5.Pine needles15-20

Witch hazel7 drops

Distilled water2 cups

Boil pine needles in distilled water. Cool. Throw away pine needles. Add witch hazel. Stir well. Massage gently in circular motion all over face and neck.

This tones both dry and oily skin types.

6.Lemon juice 7 drops

Juniper berry oil 5 drops

Lemongrass oil3 drops

Mandarin oil 5 drops

Cypress oil3 drops

Peppermint oil2 drops

Mix all the ingredients well in a tightly closed bottle. Shake vigorously. Moisten a cotton ball with the mixture. Wipe face and neck with it. This magnificent toner can be used over entire body. It tightens enlarged pores on oily skin, mends broken capillaries on mature and sensitive skin and cleanses dull, dry skin.

7.Rose water100 ml

Juniper berry oil 1 drop

Rose otto1 drop

In rosewater, add the essential oils of juniper berry and rose otto. Shake vigorously to disperse the oils properly. Leave for 2 days. Filter. Refrigerate in a bottle for future use. Massage all over face and neck in slow, upward motion.

This is a good toner for combination skin.

8.Witch hazel 5 oz

Lavender oil7 drops

Sandalwood oil5 drops

Distilled water 1 cup

Chamomile tea bag1

Boil water. Steep tea bag for ½ hour. Add the rest of the ingredients. Shake well to mix the oils properly. Moisten a cotton ball with the mixture. Wipe face and neck areas. This classic toner is excellent for acne, eczema, psoriasis, skin healing and reduction of inflammation.

This works on both dry and oily skin types.

9.Honey 5 tablespoon

Milk1 cup

Wheat germ oil7 tablespoon

Dried chamomile ½ cup

Warm milk. Steep chamomile in milk for 2 hours. Strain the liquid in a bottle. Add honey and wheat germ oil. Shake vigorously to mix well. Wipe face and neck areas with a cotton ball moistened with the mixture. Natural vitamin E, a powerful anti-oxidant, in wheat germ oil prevents skin damage caused by UV rays and environmental pollution. Milk exfoliates and hydrates while honey moisturizes and soothes complexion.

This toner is particularly suitable for softening dry and rough skin.

10.Green tea leaves3 tablespoon

Distilled water1 cup

Boil water. Steep tea leaves for 10 minutes. Cool. Strain the liquid in a bottle. Moisten a cotton ball with the liquid. Gently wipe face and neck areas. No rinsing is necessary. The powerful antioxidant properties of green tea in this excellent toner tighten skin and fight signs of ageing. In addition, it has a calming and soothing effect.

This toner is good for all types of skin.


1.To preserve the potency and lifespan of the products, store away from heat and sunlight in tightly closed bottles and refrigerate.

2.Shelf life is approximately one week after refrigeration since most of these products do not contain any preservative.

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