Do You Recommend Any Wedding Planning Books?

Do you recommend any wedding planning books? Wedding books are great places to get ideas for making your wedding unique. When planning a wedding, many people are puzzled by the best way to begin the planning...

When planning a wedding, many people are puzzled by the best way to begin the planning process. Wedding planning books are one of many tools that can help you develop your own wedding strategy.

According to Kyle Hayden, the Event Coordinator for Strong Events, which specializes in decorating and design for theme parties, wedding planning books are a great place to get ideas for planning a wedding, "You can visit a local Barnes and Noble book retailer or go to and find quite a few books dealing with wedding planning. There are books on everything from wedding budgets to celebrity weddings."

Locating wedding planning books should not be a problem. However, narrowing down the list to the book that best fits your needs can prove to be more of a challenge. A quick search on using the key words "wedding planning" produced 703 results. Deciding what you want to get out of a wedding planning book is a great way to pinpoint which book is right for you. For example, searching for "wedding receptions" on provided a somewhat shorter list of 227 results, and your search can be narrowed further using more specific search criteria.

Wedding planning books range from the humorous ("Always a Bridesmaid: 89 Ways to Recycle that Bridesmaid Dress" by Rebecca Whitlinger) to the serious ("Planning a Wedding to Remember: The Perfect Wedding Planner" by Beverly Clark) and from the general ("Wedding Planning for Dummies" by Marcy Blum and Laura F. Kaiser) to the specific ("Bridal Bargains: Secrets to Throwing a Fantastic Wedding on a Realistic Budget" by Denise Fields and Alan Fields). By browsing through the various types of books, you may come up with answers to questions you did not even realize you had.

In addition to wedding planning books, there are also a number of magazines dedicated to wedding planning. Magazines are able to provide current information, which may not always be available in printed books due to the time involved in publishing a book. In addition, you may be able to locate regional magazines that specifically address planning a wedding in your particular area. These regional magazines can also be a useful source for finding local companies that provide wedding services.

If you prefer electronic methods of collecting information, there are a number of websites dedicated to providing information on planning a wedding. Through many of the websites you are able to search for answers to specific questions, get ideas for various aspects of wedding planning, and even communicate with other brides. One such website is According to the website, 2.1 million unique visitors per month view

While you can find many ideas in wedding planning books, magazines, and on websites, it is important to keep your unique style and desires in mind. Hayden says that every bride and every wedding is different, "It's funny that even though somebody says they want red roses in their wedding, we will show them a client for whom we have done red roses and they want something else. Each client adds a little twist to make it different."

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