What Are Some Recommendations For Blind Cleaning?

What are some recommendations for blind cleaning? Cleaning blinds and window treatments is made easy with a duster and Windex or 409. Cleaning the dust off of your blinds doesn't have to become a major chore...

Cleaning the dust off of your blinds doesn't have to become a major chore if you clean them regularly. Melissa Briones, owner of Melissa's House Cleaning in Lawton, Oklahoma, says, "Try to dust your blinds every few days, or at least every week, to keep the accumulation of dust to a minimum." This is as simple as putting the blinds in the closed position and wiping them off with a dry dust cloth. "If you have very thick dust on your blinds," Briones says, "wipe it off with a wet rag. You can spray Windex or Formula 409 on the blinds and then wipe them off well."

Another way to clean the blinds is to vacuum them using your vacuum cleaner's brush attachment. There are also special dusters available that are made specifically for cleaning blinds. For the most part, however, you should be able to clean your blinds with an ordinary cloth.

Wood blinds should never be soaked in water. However, if your aluminum or plastic blinds are extremely dirty, and you wish to give them a very thorough cleaning, you can wash them by immersing them in soapy water. This can be done either in your bathtub or in a large basin or "kiddie pool" outside. Simply be sure to line your tub or pool with thick towels to prevent scratching the tub or tearing the pool. After soaking the blinds in the soapy water for about twenty minutes, a gentle wiping should be all it takes to remove any dirt on the blinds.

If you don't wish to soak the blinds, but still like the idea of thorough cleaning, you can lay the blinds outside on towels or on a rug and then use a soft brush to scrub at them with soapy water.

When the blinds are clean, be sure to rinse them well with clean water. Either spray them gently with a hose or refill your tub with fresh water and give them another soaking. You don't want any soapy residue to remain as that can attract more dust, requiring you to clean the blinds again much sooner than you would normally have to do.

After rinsing, dry the blinds well and make sure that the strings don't stay wet for too long either. The strings should dry fairly quickly if the blinds are left outside in the sun and fresh air for an hour or two, or you can dry them with a blow dryer. Over a period of time, the strings can wear out, especially if they are washed frequently with water, but you needn't throw away the blinds. They can be restrung.

Wood blinds should be cleaned by dusting or by vacuuming them. Water can ruin the finish and even damage the wood itself, so you should follow the cleaning instructions given by the manufacturer.

If it sounds like a lot of work to clean the blinds with soap and water, either indoors or out, just remember that you will not have to do this frequently,or even at all,if you dust your blinds regularly.

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