Recommendations On Books For Sailing

Recommendations on books for sailing. Books like "Chapman's Book of Seamanship" are recommended as instruction manuals for sailing. If they have not read ahead of time we're happy. As a matter of fact, we...

If they have not read ahead of time we're happy. As a matter of fact, we tell our students that and that makes them happy. I have written my own manual on everything that they need to know about sailing. We give that to our students free of charge and it's broken down as the four water lessons that we teach here. It's a logical sequence of events. US Sails/American Red Cross has a wonderful book that is available called Start Sailing Right. You can get them in libraries and in most bookstores. We really like that book. It is very well illustrated.

Chapman's Book of Seamanship is considered the Bible for everybody. I have two copies here. It's been around for a long, long time. The trick is to not buy this year's edition, buy last year's, which is the same information for a fraction of the price.
Everybody seems to want the new edition until they figure out nothing has changed. It goes through everything you want to know about boating; whether it is sailboats or power boats, channel markers, weather, or navigation. It is a great book. I would not buy any of those books until after you know about sailing, but I would want it as a reference for what I would need to know about planning of a trip and that type of thing; they can be very helpful.

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