How to Recycle a Car Battery

Simply throwing away car batteries can lead to toxic leaks into the environment. Taking the time to recycle them is a more responsible choice. Some automotive repair shops accept batteries, but you can also take advantage of AAA's annual Great Battery Roundup. After you drop off your car battery, every part of it can be reused for another purpose.

  1. Contact your local AAA office (see Additional Resources) to find out when and where you can deliver your old car battery. AAA hosts the Great Battery Roundup every year around late April, to coincide with Earth Day.

  2. Put on gloves and safety glasses to handle car batteries. Place them upright in a secure container in your vehicle. Make sure that your container is water tight and the battery won't tip over. If your battery is leaking fluid, this is even more important.

  3. Take your car battery to the nearest collection point so it can be shipped to a recycling center. If you have several car batteries to recycle, AAA also may help transport them during the roundup.

Tips and Warnings

  • The Great Battery Roundup lasts for several days, so if you can't make it in right away to drop off your car batteries, you probably have a few more days to get it done.
  • AAA also accepts many other types of vehicle batteries, including boat, motorcycle and RV batteries.
  • When you leave car batteries lying around on your property they can leak toxins into the soil and groundwater, which can poison you, your children and your pets.

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