How to Recycle HP Printer Ink Cartridges

By Lillian Downey

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    HP has an aggressive materials recycling program. One its most popular features is the ink cartridge recycling initiative. With this program, customers can return their used cartridges to HP, postage free, to be recycled. This program has been so popular that HP was able to meet its goal of recycling 1 billion pounds of materials that would have otherwise been in a landfill. It hopes to recycle another billion pounds by 2010.
    How to Recycle HP Printer Ink Cartridges
    • Step 1

      Use the envelope in your HP product package. When you purchase a new HP printer or packages of HP print cartridges, you will find a small, plastic prepaid envelope inside the box. This envelope is addressed to HP's recycling center. Use this envelope to mail your old cartridges back to HP at no cost to you. HP will recycle the cartridge on your behalf, saving it from a landfill.
    • Step 2

      Order free shipping materials. With a simple request from the HP Website, you can order recycling supplies through the mail. HP will send you everything you need to return your recyclables to it at no cost to you. When you receive the materials, simply pack your cartridges in them, the same way you would in step one, and mail them off.

    • Step 3

      Find places in your community where you can recycle electronics. You may have a community or city recycling program that collects printer cartridges. Nonprofit organizations also exist to help promote recycling. You may have on in your area. Contact your city's waste management department or chamber of commerce to find such an organization. This may have benefits for your community and the organization that you used to recycle your cartridges as an added bonus.
    • Step 4

      Return your cartridges to an authorized dealer. The Staples store will accept your old print cartridges. It collects the cartridges as part of a partnership with HP and sends them off for recycling in bulk. Staples is the only store that does this in an official partnership with HP, but in the future more stores may be added to the program. Check your favorite store to see if it has its own cartridge recycling program. Many do.
    • Step 5

      Try to refill the cartridges on our own. Many online retailers offer kits to refill your own printer ink cartridges. Note that while many people refill their own cartridges successfully, incorrectly filled cartridges can damage your printer. Some places offer this service for a fee that is usually less than the cost of buying new cartridges. Check your neighborhood or look for this service online.
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