Recycle Your Old Cd's

Recycle your old cd's: Why throw out those useless compact discs when you can use them for fun projects and keep them out of the landfills?

You have probably received your fair share of unsolicited CD's from online services and computer companies in special promotions. You hate to throw these CD's away, but you have no use for them. You would be surprised at how many useless CD's you can amass in just a year's time and you think, there must be something I can do with them! There are quite a few projects for using your old CD's and if you can collect enough of them, you may even be able to make some money selling your new CD art at craft shows or flea markets. Get the kids together for a day of fun project making!

Coasters: You can make coasters out of your old CD's, and they make a great conversation piece. All you have to do to make a coaster is buy some cork board at your local craft store and glue it on to the painted side of your CD. You can either paint decorations on the reflective side or leave it as is!

Scarecrows: Some people swear by this: hang CD's in your garden to scare away the crows. They seem to be frightened by the glare. This might look silly but if it works, try it!

Christmas Tree Decorations: Hang your CD's outside on a tree at Christmas time, they can stand up to any weather and really catch the lights!

The Disco Ball: I know you've always wanted a disco ball but just didn't know where to get one or didn't want to pay that high disco ball price. Get a large Styrofoam ball and cut your CD's into tiny squares. Next, glue the pieces on to the Styrofoam ball, attach a string and bingo, you've got a disco ball.

Reflectors: Nail old CD's to your mail box post or to a 2X4 near the end of your driveway for great reflectors to mark your house for company or protect your mailbox post from passing motorists

Wall borders: CD's make a unique wall border for a teen's bedroom or music studio, just glue the CD's around the room where a wallpaper border would ordinary go.

Recycling helps our environment and we can all do our part to help undo the great waste put out by companies who send us things we don't want or need!

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