How to Refill Epson CX4800 Ink Cartridges

By Nathaniel Miller

  • Overview

    Ink cartridges are one of the major expenses that any paper based or data based company or organization deals with. While printers seem to go on forever, unfortunately ink does not and ,second to paper, is the largest expenditure an individual or company is likely to see in connection with their computer/printer. Refilling ink cartridges is a viable alternative to buying new all the time though, and the Epson CX4800 printer lends itself quite well to using refilled ink cartridges. This article aims to teach you how to refill the ink cartridges for the Epson CX4800 in a few simple steps. It assumes that you have already removed the cartridge from the printer and have the appropriate refill pack as well.
    Epson ink cartridge ready for the refilling process.
    • Step 1

      Begin by filling the syringe supplied in the refill kit with the appropriate color ink. The refill kit will service a variety of Epson ink cartridges, so use the chart supplied in the kit to determine the amount of ink needed for the CX4800.
    • Step 2

      Use the drill and drill bit supplied in the refill kit to make a small hole in the top of the printer cartridge next to the sticker. There are already a few holes in the cartridge, but those are breather holes and cannot be used to refill the ink resevior. Insert the needle into the hole and make sure it extends all the way down into the ink cartridge. Use the Epson wand (supplied in the refill kit) to reset the small green chip on the side of the printer so that your computer recognizes the refilled resevoir.

    • Step 3

      Slowly push the ink out of the syringe and into the ink cartridge. Make sure not to introduce air into the resevoir chamber by pushing too hard or fast. When no more ink can be forced into the cartridge, pull the syringe out of the cartridge and put the remaining ink back into the bottle. Wash the syringe out with water and allow the cartridge to sit overnight before mounting in the printer. Run the "Printer Cleaning" feature located under the "Print Properties" tab. This should be done two to three times before printing anything.
    • Skill: Easy
    • Ingredients:
    • Ink cartridge refill kit
    • Tip: Refill your ink cartridge before it goes dry, as this will help eliminate clogged inkjets and make the refill process easier.
    • Warning:
    • Do not force too much ink into the cartridge too quickly as this could froth the ink and cause air to be introduced into the cartridge chamber, negatively affecting your printing.

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