How to Refill the HP 27 Ink Cartridge

By Chris Moore

  • Overview

    Hewlett-Packard's #27 C8727AN brand of ink cartridge is slightly different than many other cartridges. It contains a hard sponge that absorbs the ink, thus requiring a bit more effort to refill an empty cartridge. This cartridge holds a maximum of 19 milliliters of ink (though new ones contain only 10 milliliters). Just like any other, though, you should refill an empty cartridge a soon as necessary.
    • Step 1

      Place the cartridge in a location where you won't mind risking a spill. Lay plenty of paper towels or old rags on the surface to protect from any spills.
    • Step 2

      Remove the label on top of the cartridge. There are five holes underneath the label---four that are clustered together and one by itself on the far end. You can refill the cartridge through the single hole that is by itself (there are other holes that will work, too, but this is easier).

    • Step 3

      Take a clean plastic syringe bottle and fill it with about 15 milliliters of ink. If you purchased an ink cartridge refill kit, it should include a syringe or equivalent that will work.
    • Step 4

      Insert the syringe needle completely into the cartridge through the hole, making sure it penetrates the hard sponge inside and travels as deep as it can---to the bottom of the cartridge if possible. Slowly inject the ink into the cartridge. Look through the holes to see if the sponge becomes saturated with ink.
    • Step 5

      Set the cartridge inside a cup or bowl you're not using to check for drips or leaks. Don't set it directly on top of the towels or rags, as they will draw out and absorb the ink. Leave the cartridge like this for at least an hour---overnight works even better. If you leave it overnight, tape over the holes to keep the ink from drying out.
    • Step 6

      Remove any tape over the holes before replacing the cartridge in the printer. (Resealing the holes isn't necessary. It may actually make printing harder because air can't enter the cartridge to replace the ink.)
    • Step 7

      Check for any leaks in the cartridge. There can be only two reasons for a leak: overfilling or a damaged cartridge. If the cartridge is too full, remove a little of the ink. Toss out the cartridge if the bottom is damaged.
    • Step 8

      Replace the cartridge in the printer and print a test page. If it doesn't print, there may be no ink at the bottom of the sponge. Remove the needle from the syringe bottle, aim the bottle on the single hole on the cartridge top and blow air into the cartridge to force the ink to the bottom.
    • Skill: Easy
    • Ingredients:
    • Empty cartridge
    • Replacement ink
    • Syringe needle
    • Cup/bowl
    • Tip: Use pigmented black ink, preferably the ACSI WJ1010 brand. Dye based inks may be less expensive, but they aren't water resistant.

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