How to Refill HP 93 Ink Cartridges

By Nathaniel Miller

  • Overview

    HP printers and print cartridges are commonly used products both in business and home settings. The HP 93 printer cartridge is a common cartridge that fits in a variety of HP and other printers. It is a tri-color print cartridge that sells for around $25.00 in retail outlets. If you occasionally are buying ink cartridges, this amount may seem minimal, however if you are printing in high quality or high quantities ink cartridges can start to become quite an expense. However, there is a viable inexpensive solution: refilling your own HP 93 ink cartridges. Refilling the HP 93 ink cartridge is not difficult and can be accomplished quickly and easily by following these simple steps.
    HP 93 ink cartridges are easy to refill.
    • Step 1

      Remove the ink cartridge from the printer by opening the access door and allowing the cartridge cradle to come to rest in the middle of the access area. Lift the cartridge cover and press down on the top of the ink cartridge. Lift the cartridge straight up out of the cradle and examine the inkjets on the bottom of the cartridge to see if they are clogged.
    • Step 2

      Pour a small amount of alcohol on a paper towel and wipe the inkjets to remove any dried ink that may be clogging the inkjets. Flip the cartridge over and use the small hand drill and drill bit to make a small hole in the top of the cartridge next to the sticker. Fill the syringe with the appropriate amount of ink which can be determined by consulting the chart provided in the ink refill kit. Insert the needle of the syringe all the way into the hole, and squeeze the ink in slowly.

    • Step 3

      Allow the ink to completely fill the chamber and when no more will disperse into the ink cartridge, remove the needle and put the remaining ink back into the bottle. Rinse the syringe with water and let it air dry. Allow the ink cartridge to sit, upright, overnight to allow the new ink to disperse evenly throughout the cartridge. Reinstall the ink cartridge in the printer by reversing Step 1 and waiting for the printer to recognize the new cartridge. Run "Clean and Align" under print properties before printing anything.
    • Skill: Easy
    • Ingredients:
    • Ink refill kit
    • Alcohol
    • Paper towels
    • Tip: Refill your ink cartridges when the ink level begins to get low, but is not completely out as the inkjets may become clogged with dried ink otherwise.
    • Warning:
    • When inserting the ink, do so slowly so as not to cause frothing and introduce air into the ink reservoir.

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