How to Refill HP Color Printer Ink Cartridges

By John Stevens

  • Overview

    Replacement HP color ink cartridges are very expensive and don't last long if you print on a regular basis. A variety of products are on the market which allow an HP printer user to refill these cartridges for a fraction of the cost of replacing the cartridges with new ones, but often the uncertainty of exactly how to refill the cartridges proves to be a barrier to trying these products. By following the simple steps below, you will be able to realize the savings of refilling your HP color printer ink cartridges yourself.
    • Step 1

      Locate the identification label located on top of the cartridge.
    • Step 2

      Remove the identification label by carefully pealing it back to reveal the circular fill hole.

    • Step 3

      Assemble the syringe and needle that comes with the refill kit. The needle simply screws into the tip of the syringe.
    • Step 4

      Locate the bottle which contains the appropriate colored ink. Pierce the paper top of the ink bottle with the syringe.
    • Step 5

      Fill the syringe with ink by withdrawing its plunger.
    • Step 6

      Gently press the needle into the fill hole.
    • Step 7

      Fill the ink cartridge with ink by depressing on the syringe plunger.
    • Step 8

      If filling a cartridge which contains multiple color, repeat steps 4 to 7 for each respective color.
    • Step 9

      Once the ink cartridge is filled with ink, reinstall it into the printer after checking the cartridge for any ink drips.
    • Step 10

      Clean the syringe and needle with water for future use.
    • Skill: Easy
    • Ingredients:
    • HP color ink refill kit
    • Warning:
    • Avoid ingesting the ink.

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