How to Refill Ink Cartridges to Dell 5100 Printer

By Ryan Bauer

  • Overview

    The Dell 5100 is very straightforward to refill. Compared to most other models of laser printers, it is much less complicated.There are no holes to drill and no liquid ink to spill. The powdered toner goes in quickly and easily. To start, you will need a toner refill for your printer. You can buy one of these at some retail cartridge retailers and can always purchase one over the Internet. Try to find one specifically made for the Dell 5100 printer, but a generic one will work as well. The entire process takes less than five minutes, and anyone can do it.
    The toner cartridge that goes in a Dell 5100 printer.
    • Step 1

      Open the Dell 5100 printer's front panel. This swings open with a light tug. Press in the blue tabs on either side of the cartridge you wish to remove and slide it out of the printer. These cartridges are clean by design and are usually just fine to set on an unprotected work surface, since they don't have a tendency to leak or spill.
    • Step 2

      Examine the perimeter of the toner cartridge until you find a small cap. This cap has been inserted into the body of the cartridge, and functions as a plug to prevent the toner from spilling out. Gently pry it off, and set it aside. You may have to use a small, thin object such as a knife blade to get it to come off. Make sure not to lose it, since you will still need it when the cartridge has been refilled.

    • Step 3

      Screw the lid off of the toner bottle and attach the funnel-shaped nozzle. Insert the tip into the hole in the cartridge and tilt it so the toner pours out. These bottles are pre-measured, and one toner refill contains exactly one cartridge worth of toner. When the bottle is empty, discard it and press the plug back into the cartridge.
    • Step 4

      Slide the toner cartridge back into the printer and shut the door. The printer will recognize the filled cartridge as a new one, and it may take a moment to recalibrate itself. When it is finished, you are now ready to print as usual. When the cartridge runs out next time, simply refill it using the same process.
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    • Toner refill kit

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