Refill Instructions for Epson Ink Cartridge T0441

By Catherine Johnson

  • Overview

    If you use your Epson printer to produce heavy-duty media like high-resolution photographs or graphics-rich documents, you know that frequently replacing your black T0441 cartridge can be an expensive and inconvenient task. You can reduce your printer maintenance costs and help the environment by using an inkjet refill kit to conveniently replenish your ink cartridge on demand.
    Conveniently refill your Epson T0441 ink cartridge.
    • Step 1

      Consult your Epson user's manual to remove the T0441 cartridge from your printer. Place the cartridge on top of the paper towels, with the Epson sticker facing up.
    • Step 2

      Use the eyelet screw to create a small refill hole on the spine, near the top of the cartridge. Make the hole between the edge of the cartridge and the black circle on the Epson label. Keep the screw centered as you drill the hole.

    • Step 3

      Attach the needle to the syringe and fill it with 12ml of black refill ink. Insert the syringe needle into the hole you just created and slowly inject the cartridge with the ink. Stop just before the cartridge is full and remove the syringe.
    • Step 4

      Wipe clean the cartridge spine and the area around the refill hole. Carefully insert the silicon sealing plug into the refill hole. You may need to make the hole a little larger to accommodate the plug. The seal should be airtight.
    • Step 5

      Follow the instructions included with your Epson chip resetter and reset your cartridge. Replace your refilled T0441 cartridge in your Epson printer.
  • Skill: Moderately Easy
  • Ingredients:
  • Epson T0441 refill kit
  • Paper towels
  • Epson chip resetter
  • Tip: After you refill your cartridge, run your printer's cleaning program several times before printing.
  • Tip: Immediately refill your cartridge when ink levels become low. If you wait until your cartridge is empty, you may not be able to reuse your cartridge after you refill it.

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