How To Refinish Your Bathtub And Countertops

Tips on refinishing and restoring your old bathroom bathtub and countertops in a much less expensive manner than remodeling would cost.

The miracles of the new millennium have brought with it some astonishing refinishing techniques that are relatively simple and easy to use. Some of them include paint while others simply remove all buildup created over years and years of use and abuse.

Your bathroom is the most abused room in your home- that goes without argument. The soap scum, mold and mildew can do some serious damage that you may think is irreparable. Thousands of home owners each year spend an awful lot of money renovating their bathtubs and countertops, discarding items that have nothing wrong with them, except for stains that won't come out. Never mind the work involved, and the dust and havoc that are caused by ripping these items out, and the inconvenience caused by closing off your bathroom while the work is being completed.

The best place to start is to figure out how damaged your surface is. Usually, if the surface is of porcelain or tile, as long as the surface isn't chipped or broken, it will just require a simple restoring process because of calcium deposits, hard water stains and stuck-on mildew. If your surface is chipped or cracked, fear not as there are products available for you to use to repair your broken surface.

If your surface is one of color, a different product will be needed from a solid white or off white surface. This is not going to be an issue for you, it just might end up costing you a few extra dollars, but no extra work will be required from you.

Now that you know the extent of your damage, they type of surface and the color, head out to your local hardware or home improvement warehouse. The best place to start looking for products, if you don't want to ask someone, is in the bathtub and sinks section. Tubs are much more difficult to restore than countertops, so that is why you should start in the bathtub section.

You will be astonished at the products which you will find. Many of these products are around $20.00 USD. Products will range from simple restorer's which you simply spray on, let soak and then scrub off to full repainting products, depending on what you need. A suggestion would be that you use the spray on restorer's first, because even if you decide to repaint you surface, you will need to remove any and all build up before you start to paint.

A large majority of the spray on restorer products can be used on tile and linoleum countertop surfaces, as well as granite and Corian, so you will probably have more than enough product to finish all of your restoring and refinishing projects, even those that you aren't yet aware of.

As will all products of this nature, be sure to open every possible window and have a fan running to pull the fumes away from you. A dust mask will be helpful to keep some of the fumes away from you as well, for if you inhale too many of these fumes, you could become lightheaded, dizzy, or even very ill. Take your time and take breaks. Be sure to go outside and get some fresh air every ten or fifteen minutes to keep yourself healthy. Follow all of the manufacturer's directions and comply with any warnings.

The best part of restoring your bathtub and countertops using these methods, other than the money that you will save, is the fact that you did it all yourself.

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