Refinishing Your Furniture With A Crackled And Antiqued Look

Instructions to refinishing your furniture for an antiqued look fast and easily. Give it that cracked, aged look with a few simple steps.



acrylic paints or latex, 2 colors

crackle medium

2 foam brushes

1 bristle brush


tack cloth

clear varnish

Have you ever seen furniture that is old and charming? It has little cracks in the paint and you can see the old finishes. Well, you can give your new or unfinished furniture that same charming look with a few simple steps.

If the furniture piece is unfinished your first step is to decide on colors. What color do you want to see through the cracks and what color is going to be the top color? Once decided, be sure to sand the piece and wipe clean of dust with a tack cloth. Using those sponge type brushes, brush on the first coat of paint. Let dry and apply a second coat if you desire a darker color. Let the second coat dry according to the paint directions.

Once those layers of paint are dry, you must apply a special coating called "Crackle Medium" which can be purchased at most craft and home decorating stores. Apply one medium coat with a bristle brush and let air dry till sticky or tacky to the touch. DO NOT let dry completely.

Once tacky to the touch, apply a light, even coat of the second or contrasting color to the furniture. The topcoat should start to crackle immediately. Be sure not to over brush the top coat as that could cause smearing and it won't crackle.

If the furniture is still not aged enough, you can take a medium weight sandpaper and lightly sand the corners and sides of the furniture. Be sure to wait until the paint is completely dry. After you sand some paint off, be sure to use the tack cloth to remove the dust from the furniture.

When you are happy with your new "old" piece of furniture, be sure to protect it by using a few coats of clear varnish.

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