Refresh Your Makeup

Every woman can get that fresh dewy look with a few helpful makeup tips from the beauty industry.

Every woman wants the glowing, fresh look that we constantly see in glossy magazine spreads that work for the real world. Every woman can get that fresh dewy look with a few helpful tips from the beauty industry.

Get Clean

Basic hygiene is the first step towards naturally beautiful skin. Be sure to gently clean your skin everyday, so you have a fresh canvas to work from. You don't want to ever sleep in your makeup because doing this will never make you look refreshed. Always start with a clean face. To really get the makeup off, use a great toner(which is always a wonderful refresher).

Water Throughout the Day

Great refreshed makeup starts with great skin. Be sure to get the recommended 8 glasses of water each day. Refresh throughout the day with Evian facial water spray or cucumber or rose water. This is a great tip to keep your skin hydrated during the workday and especially while traveling.

Never Cake On

Never put loads of makeup on your face. You want to conceal, never hide your skin. Over concealing a pimple or zit can look anything but fresh. A great tip is to dot on foundation only where you need it for that super fresh look.

Highlighting makeup is a great way for you to refresh your makeup and get the dewy look by highlighting your cheekbones and tip of the nose. Never use it on the forehead (that's one spot where you never want to shine).Redoing your eyes after a long day of work is also a great tip to highlight your assets and make the eye makeup look fresh and new. Another tip is to use a moisturizer with soy and light reflectors, which will give you the refreshed look you're after.

You Are What You Eat

Load up on Salmon and Blueberries to bring the beauty inside out. Salmon is filled with Omega 3's and other important nutrients to make your skin glow, hence making your makeup look even more refreshed. If you can't get your daily dose of Omega 3's, be sure to take vitamins that are rich in it. A multivitamin would be perfect with vitamin's A, E, C.

On The Go

So many women are on the go these days. So, if you want to refresh your makeup after work and before a date, bring what you need with you. Wet whips (like the kind used for babies) are perfect for taking off the day and refreshing with new fresh makeup.

Take a Day Off

From makeup that is! Many women need to see the outside world through the entire week, so why not take advantage of not wearing makeup on the weekend. Let your skin breath during the weekend, while cleansing your pores with masks. You will be surprised at how great your skin looks come Monday morning.

Throw it Out

Replace your foundation every three to six months. Don't hang onto it and continue using it for years. Doing this will keep your face looking fresh.

Refreshing your makeup can be as simple as a little planning and just being a little healthier. Your friends will wonder what you're doing different...

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