Refrigerator Interior Maintenance

Keep your refrigerator running as long and as well as possible by following a few basic maintenance tips like these.

The refrigerator is one household appliance that most of us can't do without. We can live without a washer and dryer because we can take our dirty clothes to the Laundromat. Or we can always wash dirty dishes in the sink by hand if an automatic dishwasher is too expensive. But when the refrigerator breaks down, it can upset the entire household. There's really no community service or alternative means of storing perishable food items.

So here are some ways to make sure that doesn't happen. One of the most important means of maintaining your refrigerator's function is by testing the refrigerator's freezer gasket. Everyone has stood around an open refrigerator trying to find that special item that will satisfy our hunger. Letting all the cold air rush out causes the refrigerator to work harder to maintain the desired temperature that it is set at. A worn gasket will allow cold air to escape from the refrigerator and freezer even when the door is closed. The gasket is the rubber material located around the perimeters of the refrigerator and freezer doors, which provides a strong suction when the door is closed so cold air can't escape. You need to check to make sure the gasket has no cracks or tears. If cold air is escaping, it will cause your refrigerator to work harder. Your electric bill will go up and the life of your refrigerator will decrease. Take a dollar bill and put it in the door of your refrigerator, and then close the door. Gently pull on the dollar bill. It will come out easily but you should feel some resistance. If the dollar slips down, the gasket is not working

properly. If the gasket has lost most of its suction, it will need to be replaced by a professional repairperson. This can cost a lot, but you will see a big difference on your next electric bill. Plus, you won't have to buy a refrigerator any time soon.

Start maintaining your refrigerator gaskets on a regular basis. This is easy to do. You can clean your refrigerator gasket with a soapy sponge or cloth, then make sure you wipe it dry. Using your finger, apply a small amount of petroleum jelly to the gasket and this will prevent it from cracking. Try to make sure that you keep your refrigerator defrosted once a month.

Also be sure to check the temperature gauge to be sure it remains at the right setting. Freezer items should remain frozen, while refrigerator items should never get above forty degrees. While you're at it, be sure the inside light bulb is not cracked, and that it functions properly by coming on when you open the door. When it burns out, replace the bulb with another of the same wattage.

Don't forget to check your refrigerator's shelves and compartments periodically. These should sit firmly and securely inside, without risk of tipping under the weight of heavy items, like a leftover turkey. Replace broken, cracked, or chipped parts to avoid further breakage with possible residue falling into your leftovers.

Remember, if your refrigerator isn't running right, your electric bill may increase dramatically. And it is one appliance that you cannot do without. Keep your fridge running effectively and effortlessly by following a few maintenance ideas.

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