Refunding Coupons: Getting Started

Refunding coupons, here are important tips for those interested in making money the refunding way. Follow these guidelines to make your refunding more successful.

If you set up a good system for your refunding, you can start to make money quickly and easily. First, find a good place to do your refunding. You do not need a separate room but you will need a space large enough to accommodate the supplies you will be using. Since the internet has many aids for the refunder, a convenient place might be near your computer.

Next, a subscription to a refunding magazine is invaluable. The two largest, Refunding Makes Cents and Refund Express are great sources for refunding information whether you are experienced or just starting out. The subscriptions range from $25 to $28.75 yearly. Each of the magazines also maintains a website. These are great places to preview all the available information, although sections of each site are not available to the public. Subscribers have user passwords to access these sections. Both of these publications accept online subscriptions with major credit cards.

A big part of refunding is the accumulation of different proofs of purchase. You will need to keep various labels, boxtops, etc. from products that you purchase. This will not take up a great deal of space since, with a little practice, you will learn which parts of packaging you need and which can be discarded. You should also devise a system for keeping track of your cash register receipts. Don't throw any of these away. It is also a good idea to have friends save their receipts for you. In refunding, the cash register receipt is a very important part of the rebate that you must submit to collect your refund. Without it, most companies will not accept your rebate request.

If you still feel that you do not care to bother with saving all your proofs, you may decide to get much of what you need through online and mail trades with other refunders. You will find loads of names and advertisements in refunding magazines where traders want to sell or trade everything from rebate forms and proofs of purchase to address labels!

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