Regarding Appliance Repair, Which Are The Easiest And Most Difficult?

Regarding appliance repair, which are the easiest and most difficult? While dishwashers are some of the easist appliances to repair, more complicated units like refrigerators are the most difficult. That...

That will be your laundry group; dryers are number one and then usually the washers are the second. I would say dishwashers as well because they are front serviceable on the Whirlpool and KitchenAid brands. Other than that, it's hard to say. We report to consumer care all the failure rates of all our appliances and they all run pretty close with each other. It is just some are more complex than others. I know that someone can mention that the laundry might be the easiest to repair, but maybe you can contrast that with one of the most difficult to repair and why. Complexity plays a huge roll. I think I can say that refrigeration is the most difficult just because of the knowledge that it demands. It depends on the knowledge of the technician, too. The more complex something is, the more knowledgeable you have to be and more time consuming the product repair can be. Whirlpool KitchenAid used to use factory branches for repair about two and a half years ago. Then we sold that entity off to a company called A&E. We permit them to do the majority of our appliance servicing. We do have field representatives, field service reps that do interface with A&E branches to ensure that we are providing them the appropriate levels of training and that we are measured against certain surveyed questions and customer satisfaction. We would look at first call complete ratings to make sure that each technician is appropriately trained on products and, a lot of times, each of the branches may have one or two folks who are specialized in a certain area they may run the majority of those calls.

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