Rejuvenate Your Hair

Pamper your hair with these brushing and cleaning techniques to bring out shine, body, and bounce.

Throughout history, beautiful hair has come to symbolize health, vitality, and sex appeal. Even older people with thick white or gray locks seem to appear happier and more attractive than those with thinning or no hair.

Contemporary standards of cleanliness suggest that hair should be washed several times weekly or perhaps even daily. Over time, however, your hair may become dull, dry, brittle, or faded, especially if you apply color to hide gray strands or to enliven a mundane shade.

If you would like to bring vitality back to your head of hair and feel more attractive or younger, schedule an extra hour or two some evening to pamper yourself with an old-fashioned, home-based, spa treatment to revive your hair.

1. Put on some relaxing music and brush your hair. Soft tones and muted voices will help to ease the stress and tension in your arms and shoulders or neck, and your brushing will be more enjoyable. Use a rubber-toothed brush or one that will gently but firmly separate strands and release snarls. Comb from the top of your crown to the ends of each section, moving slowly to avoid hitting a tangle and damaging your hair. For hair that is no longer than shoulder-length and in good condition, use between 20 and 30 strokes; longer hair may require more. Then slightly bend forward and brush your hair from back to front against the natural lay of your locks, using the same number of strokes as in the other direction. This should feel good to your scalp, and it helps add volume to your hair. The release of natural scalp oils may bring shine back to your hair as well.

2. Sitting comfortably with music still playing, use both hands to massage your scalp. Place one hand on each side of your head at the top. Rub in a circular motion for about ten seconds, moving slightly backward and forward to cover each section of your scalp on both sides. Then move your hands toward the back of your head in a circular motion. When they meet, continue making circles, working your way to the nape of your neck. Your scalp may feel warm and tingly; this should be a pleasant rather than an irritating sensation.

3. Turn on the shower, and adjust the water temperature to comfortably warm, but not so hot that your skin is scalded. Step into the shower, and get your head thoroughly wet with the pulsing water. Apply a quarter-size amount of clarifying shampoo to the top of your head and work it in with both hands to create a soapy lather. Use circular motions again to move the lather through each section of your hair, taking care to saturate the hairline.

4. Rinse your hair completely. Start at the crown, and turn your head first one way and then the other to completely remove any soapy residue. Bend slightly forward so that the shower water can rinse the shampoo through the back of your hair and down through the ends. If your hair still feels dirty, repeat the shampooing process again.

5. After the final rinse, apply a quarter-sized amount of deep conditioning product to your hair, and work it through to the ends. Put on a shower cap, and wait the prescribed amount of time, usually a few moments. Remove the cap, and rinse the conditioner from your hair.

6. Gently dry your hair and scalp with a large, fluffy towel, taking care not to tangle or tug at the dripping strands. When you have absorbed most of the excess water, use a wide-tooth comb to go through your hair and smooth it by combing, adjusting it in the usual configuration around your face.

Your scalp should feel relaxed and clean, and your hair should hair look manageable and attractive. Take a good look in the mirror from all angles to determine if you need a haircut or color touch-up. Make an appointment with your hairdresser if so, and your hair will continue to look and feel great.

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