How Reliable Is The Electric Home Security System For Fire Safety?

How reliable is the electric home security system for fire safety? Learn how realiable an electronic home security alarm system is for detecting and preventing fires. Safety in the home has and always will...

Safety in the home has and always will be a major concern of homeowners and parents alike. But with so many hazards and very little time to prepare for them, protecting your home from every possible danger can be stressful.

Technology, however, has helped consumers in their fight against protecting their home with an invention called the electric home security systems. Of course, all electric home security systems are different, but for the most part, electric home security systems have a long and extensive list of hazards that they can alert homeowners too.

Electric home security systems don't just protect homes from burglaries and thefts, but instead, they are able to detect smoke, heat, carbon monoxide, freezing temperatures and rising water. Included on that list are heat and smoke, which ultimately go hand and hand with a fire. Fires are the most common of all the detectable hazards and in some cases, can be the most damaging. But are electric home security systems right for fire safety?

With over 18 years as a Fire Marshall in Georgetown, Texas, Dan Jansen is an expert in the world of fire safety. During his tenure as a Fire Marshall, Jansen has dealt primarily with fire education, safety and prevention. Jansen is just one of the many fire safety experts that don't speak highly of the electronic home security systems as a detection device for fires.

"Actually, my opinion on electronic home security systems is pretty low," Jansen said. "I believe that it is due to the fact that the fire crews respond to more false alarms than they do true alarms. Now, I do not want to totally downplay it. There are times that they do work, and when they work, they can work well. However, it is almost at the cry wolf stage right now. We get too many false alarms."

Jansen said that the false alarms are not a cause of the alarm system but of the people who are installing the alarms. Just as with any situation, the first step to better prepare your home for fire safety begins with information. Jansen said that consumers should do as much research on the electronic home security system before making any purchases. Also, be sure to talk with the installer about problems that may arise if the equipment is installed incorrectly.

"I do not think it is the fault of the alarm system," he sad. "I feel it is more the fault of people who are installing alarms in wrong locations. I find multiple detectors outside of bathrooms. This can be a huge problem. Somebody may stay in the bathroom for a nice hot shower, then they open the door, and we have a fire alarm. We just have some installation issues that need to be worked out. One day I think it will be a great system to have. Right now, I am just not sold on it."

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