Relieve On The Job Stress!

Alleviate stress related to work using environmental, mental, and physical stress management techniques.

Americans are working longer, harder days than we ever have before. Most of us spend at least 40 hours a week at work. How do we keep sane while on the job? Stress-relieving techniques can help you to keep your cool, and maybe eve relax a little, while on the job.

Environmental Stress Relief

We often wake up in the morning on a rainy day and say to ourselves "What a gloomy day it is!" Our environment can effect our moods in both a positive and negative way. How can you make your cubicle or office more environmentally positive?

Light can have a profound effect on our bodies and light or a lack can effect our moods thereof. Decorating your space with light and wearing light-reflecting, bright clothes can help give your mood a boost. Smell also triggers positive moods and emotions. Depending on your own reactions, apple-cinnamon may scent sticks may be a comfort to you on a stressful day. (Word to the wise: Avoid perfumes or an excess of flowers, as many of your office-mates may have allergic reactions.)

Visualize (Daydream!)

When your workday has got you down, let your in wander for a while. Successful athletes as well as businessmen tend to say, "I had a vision." When you feel stresses or unmotivated, it may be time to have "vision" of your own. What goals are you working toward? If you're saving for that dream vacation or house, visualize it. Imagine what it will feel like, what it will smell like, and what you will look like inside it or at that location. Remembering goals brings us closer to achieving them, and helps us to look at "the big picture".

Be Active

Ever envy that perky person down the hall, who constantly seems to be moving, walking to the water cooler, or to chatting to other office-mates desks? (Yes, I realize they can't sit still and they never seem to get any work done, but they always DO have their end of the project turned in on time!)While you may think it's an overdose of coffee, chances are, this person has a high energy level and low stress level due to their active personality. People who are constantly moving have higher metabolisms and less chance for high blood pressure. You may not want to go the extreme like this coworker, but getting up to move around can improve your mood considerably. Exercise releases endorphins, your body's natural feel-good hormone. How can you get a little extra exercise during your workday? Try taking the stairs. Walk to the bathroom on the next floor up. Stretch actively at your desk. When your mind starts to wander or you feel overwhelmed, walking outside on a sunny day may also give you an extra stress-fighting boost.

Keep a Positive Attitude

Our attitude at work not only affects us, but those around us. Learn to accept mistakes that you and your coworkers make. Understand that you are not all-powerful, and nobody expects you to be. Don't join a crowd of complaining coworkers; learn to be solution-oriented, not problem oriented. The time you spend complaining detracts from the time you spend doing the best job you can.

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