How To Remove Pet Stain And Odors

Does your pet constantly soil your furniture and carpet? Here are some tips on how you can remove pet stain and odors.

When you have pets, you may run into a few problems. Pets can leave stains and odors around that you might not be able to get rid of. Don¡¦t get rid of the pets just yet. Here are a few ways you can remove these odors and stains from you carpet and upholstery.

Time may be the factor when it comes to urine stains. If you find a fresh stain be sure to try to absorb it with paper towels, newspapers, dishcloths or a towel. This will prevent it from being soaked into the fabric of your upholstery or padding of your carpet. You may find you can further remove the odor if you spray the spot with a deodorizing solution afterward or a vinegar and water solution. To prevent further accidents, remove the stains totally. In addition, you may find it helpful to place the newspaper or paper towels to the litter box and place your cat near the area. Or, take it outside and place your pet in the area. This may help your pet recognize where they are supposed to relieve themselves.

If you find the spot after the fact, it is still possible to remove the urine odor. Soak the area with water first. Then blot to remove the spot.

"žX Dilute vinegar in a bottle and spray on the pet stain. Allow the spot to dry. This may remove the odor.

"žX If the above doesn¡¦t work, mix in vinegar, baking soda, and water in a bottle then allow it to dry.

"žX Sprinkle borax powder, baking soda, or neutralizing powder to the area and allow it to stay for six to eight hours then vacuum.

"žX Club soda or seltzer water may be an effective urine remover

Be sure to rinse and dry the spot thoroughly after try any of the above methods.

Remove the fecal matter and throw away.

"žX To remove stains, baking soda and water may be useful.

"žX If this doesn¡¦t work, try an alcohol solution then remove. Dishwashing liquid is also helpful. It may take a long time to get the soap out of the carpet but it is very effective.

"žX Use a stain removal stick (it can be found in the laundry section of any retail store) then proceed to remove after it sits about an hour.

"žX Some people find club soda effective for removing stains.

Rub the solution on the area where the stain is then remove with a damp cloth. After you have removed with a damp cloth place a dry cloth on the area and soak up excessive moisture.

Remember; when removing a stain DO NOT rub the stain or area. This may damage the carpet or upholstery. Blot it very gently to remove.

There are commercial products that claim to remove odors from your home. They come in many different types such as sprays, foams, etc. Purchase one designed specifically for pet stains and odors.

If none of the above works on your odor are stains, invest in a steam cleaner. Used correctly this may remove the stains or odors in your home. When buying the solution for your machine purchase one designed specifically for removing pet odors. This can be found at any retail or pet store.

If none of the above is effective for you try using a professional. It may set you back a few bucks but it may be less expensive than throwing your furniture away and removing your carpet. You may also find it helpful to put your pets outside or confine them to only one area of your house. If this is not what you want to do, contact your veterinarian and ask him or her how you can prevent your pet from soiling other areas of your home.

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