How To Remove Red Wine Stains From Carpet

Tips on removing red wine stains from rugs and carpet.

The party is over and a dark red stain is left on the carpet. Try the following tips and methods for removing wine stains from carpeting and rugs.

Whatever cleaning solution you choose to try, the first step is to blot up any excess wine with a clean white cloth, such as a towel, as soon as possible. Do not scrub since this can work the wine further into the fibers. Instead blot with the towel, then fold the towel so a clean area is exposed to the stain. Blot again, continuing this practice until the towel no longer soaks up any wine when you apply pressure.

If you cannot clean the stain immediately, sprinkle some salt on the stain when it is still wet. The salt will also help absorb some of the wine. Once the stain dries, the salt can be picked up with a vacuum before a cleansing treatment is used.

For any cleansing solution, it is wise to test it in an unseen area of the carpet before using it to treat a stain. Carpets are made of various fibers and use different dyes and manufacturing techniques so there is no one thing that is completely safe for every type of carpet. Test potential cleaning methods on a spare carpet scrap or along the wall in a hidden area in case the carpet is discolored by the treatment.

Home solutions

Once as much of the stain has been blotted up as possible, use a sponge to apply some unflavored club soda to the area. Club soda works more effectively than plain water due to the carbonation and its sodium content. Blot the club soda on and off, being careful not to rub or scrub. Then, mix a weak detergent solution; dish soap works well for this purpose. Simply place a small amount of dish soap in a clean bowl or sink. Add tepid water until the soap is well diluted. Use a clean cloth to dab the detergent mixture onto whatever remains of the stain. Alternately, a mixture of 50 percent water and 50 percent glycerin can be used to dab on the stain. For most carpets, this should remove the stain. However, if the stain is persistent, try applying a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to the stain.

Store bought solutions

Several of the "oxygen bleach" products on the market, intended for use on carpets are highly effective for removing wine stains from all types of carpet. Many of the popular carpet shampoos or spot treatment products on the market are also effective, but make sure the label lists wine stains as one of the things it is designed to combat. There are also cleaning products on the market designed just for wine stain removal that are highly effective.

Carpet cleaning specialists

If you are concerned about cleaning the stain yourself, you may prefer to call in experts. Professional carpet cleaners use steam or mineral cleaning systems, combined with detergent and other chemical treatments to effectively remove stains. If you do opt to call a professional, you should still blot up as much of the wine as possible and schedule the cleaning appointment as soon as possible.

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