How To Remove Soap Scum From A Glass Or Plastic Shower Door

How to remove soap scum build up from your glass or fiberglass shower door using products availabe on the market as well as alternatives around the home.

Your in-laws called to tell you they're dropping by for a visit and while you've managed to make the rest of your house sparkle, you are baffled over how to clean the soap scum that has been building up on your shower door since the dawn of time. If this situation sounds very familiar then you're not alone and while it's a scummy job somebody has to do it. Where there is a will there is a way as the say goes and with so many cleaning products available on the market as well as already at home alternative products there is always a way.

Many products on the market today are specifically designed for the tough removal of soap scum. Products like Tilex, Scrub Free and Lysol can be very effective when it comes to removing soap scum. Most of these soap scum products come in a bottle that you simply spray, let set and wipe away. Sometimes it's just easier, less expensive and sometimes even better on the environment when you use products you may already have available around the house.

In the laundry room you might be surprised to discover that dryer sheets rubbed into the shower door wet or dry can be an effective alternative when it comes to removing soap scum from your shower door. Laundry stain removers are another alternative to removing soap scum and can be sprayed and simply wiped away with a wet rag for cleaning.

Powder laundry detergent can also be an effective way to remove soap scum by simply rubbing the powder into the shower door and rinsing clean with water. The powder is non-abrasive so it will not damage the door with scratches.

In the kitchen you will find that white vinegar is a safe and effective alternative for soap scum buildup. You can effectively spray the white vinegar onto your shower door, let set, scrub with a non-abrasive pad and rinse.

Another alternative is by spraying a mixture of white vinegar and lemon juice onto your shower doors, sprinkle with baking soda, scrub and rinse.

You can also use SOS pads to remove soap scum by rubbing the pad in a circular motion and rinsing with clear water afterwards. A window cleaner such as Windex sprayed and wiped away a cloth or paper towels on your shower door can also remove soap scum with very little effort.

A squeegee is also an effective way to remove soap scum, however it requires the use of a squeegee on your door after every shower. Liquid dish washing soap poured onto your shower door and wiped down with a rag then rinsed will make your door squeaky clean from soap scum and more.

You can use lemon oil furniture polish to remove soap scum by wiping it on the doors with a dry cloth. The polish also makes the door shine as well as the metal frame.

In the bedroom you can use baby oil to prevent future build up of soap scum on your shower door by saturating a cloth with the oil and rubbing it into the door. The oil will act as a coating to allow the water and soap to run off of the door.

And finally capful of baby shampoo mixed with a spray bottle filled with water can eliminate soap scum when you spritz the mixture on your shower door, wipe clean and rinse.

With the many products specifically designed for soap scum and not so specific alternatives, that soap scum is just a swish, swirl and swipe away.

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