How To Remove Stains From Carpet

Learn how to remove stains from carpet and save the money spent on hiring a professional carpet cleaner.

Removing carpet stains can be tricky so you need to know the steps involved to getting the stains out so as not to make it worse. The better care you can take of your carpet will save you the expense of replacing it sooner than you should have to.

First you should find a good stain removal product. A good carpet cleaning or steam cleaner product is best for synthetic fibers. Most newer carpets are pretreated for stains and have some kind of stain guard pre-applied, however, it does not always guarantee to resist all stains. A good commercial grade cleaner that is heavy-duty is much more effective than some of the discount store brands.

Next you should soak up any excess liquid or whatever the stain consits of with a paper towel or rag that is white. Using a colored towel may bleed the dye into the carpet making the stain all the worse. If there is any thing that can be scraped up such as dried food or mud, do this as well.

Take the spray and saturate the area well. Follow the instructions as to the length of time it needs to sit. Get a clean white towel and dab at the spot. Many times it becomes worse if you try to scrub at it, making the soiled area even deeper. Once you get the majority of it up you will find in most instances the step needs to be repeated. If necessary, keep spraying and dabbing until you see that the stain is gone.

Once you see the spot is removed, a good way to finish the job is to vacuum up the excess liquid with a shop vac. This gets the cleaner out of the carpet permitting further stains to build up in that particular area. Make sure the area is dry and a final scrub with a clean towel should tidy up the carpet and make it look as good as new. Do not let stains get the best of your carpet, get the most out of the investment you made by keeping the spots removed as well as taking prevenitive measures such as keeping drinks and food out of the area and removing shoes before entering your home.

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