How Do I Remove Stains From Clothing

How do I remove stains from clothing? This article will give you specific products (many in your home already) that will remove different kinds of stains.

If you have kids, you have stains. If you like to eat, you have stains. Everyone gets a tough stain on his or her clothing at one point or another. So you want to know how to get out that tough stain? Well, the first thing that you need to know is the different type of stains. If you know what the stain is made up of, then you have a better shot at getting the clothing to regain its newness. Here are some of the most popular type of stains and how to treat them.


· A blood stain should be treated as soon as possible with any type of dish or laundry soap and then soaked in cold water. Pour a small amount of liquid soap on the stain and run gently. Then place the garment into cold water to soak. NEVER use warm or hot water to soak a blood stain. This will set the stain.

· When it is time to wash the clothing in the washer, use liquid bleach if the garment is white and the clothing instructions allow for this type of treatment.

· If the clothing is colored, remember to add color safe bleach to the load and also to use cold water.

· After the load is done washing, remove the article of clothing and inspect it for stains. If none are present, throw the garment into the dryer if this is recommended.

· If the stain still is present, repeat the process again. NEVER throw stained clothing into the dryer- the heat will set the stain into the fabric permanently.


· Grass stains should be treated with a stain treatment like "Shout" or Spray-N-Wash stain sticks. Pre-treat the stain with this topical cleanser and allow it to set for at least 6 hours for the best results. Wash the garment as usual. After the load is done, be sure to check for the stain. If it remains, repeat the process.


· Many wives of factory employees and author mechanics have found that Dawn dish liquid can be a lifesaver!

· When you find that you have a tough grease stain, simply drop a small amount on the stain. Rub the cloth gently and allow the soap to soak into the fabric for a few hours. Afterward, wash the clothing as usual.

· For grease stains, hot or very warm water is best. Heat helps to break the grease up. Check for stains after washing, and repeat the treatment again if necessary.

· Although Dawn works best for grease stains, this is also a great detergent for blood and grass stains. For a minor grease stain like cooking oil or salad dressing, you can sometimes try one of the two brands of stain sticks mentioned here earlier.

Coffee or Tea:

· This stain can be harder on certain fabrics. For the most part, a tea or coffee stain will respond well to any conventional detergent or pre-treatment stick found at the local grocery store. Again, remember to check for the stain before tossing the garment into the dryer.

Tomato Sauce:

· This can be a very tough stain indeed. The difficulty of a stain's removal is closely related to the amount of ingredients it contains. Since many people make their own pasta sauces, the ingredients can be countless.

· Since tomato sauce's primary ingredient is tomato, we will use something that will counteract the acid to remove the stain. Although the stain sticks work on these stains, it may be prudent to try a little club soda or even 7-up or Slice on the stain first. This will loosen up the tomato and also help react with the acid.

· Often rinsing with some type of soda and soaking will work. Other times pre-treating with a topical stain stick is recommended. After washing the fabric in warm water, always check for evidence of the stain. Repeat the process if necessary. NEVER throw stained into the dryer. If the stain persists, repeat or even try a different method before washing again.

Grape juice or red wine:

· This can be a very tough stain. The best treatment for this and any other stain is acting fast. As soon as you see a stain of any sort, treat it.

· The best thing to treat this stain with is club soda, or again, 7-Up or Slice. Wash the stain with this soda, rubbing gently. Be sure to wash this very quickly. This is one stain that you do NOT want to leave sitting around.

· If this is not possible, at least go to the restroom and wash it with the hand soap available.

Hopefully these tips will help you to get out those tough stains, keeping your clothes newer for much longer. May your wash shine brighter than ever before.

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