Removing Blood Stains From Clothing

Removing blood stains a dilemna? Try shampoo.

Removing blood stains from clothing can be easier than you think. Just use your favorite shampoo.

Believe it or not, shampoo works well in eliminating blood stains from most machine and hand washables. Fresh stains can be removed in minutes, while older stains may require soaking, and therefore, take longer to remove. As with any stain removal process, it's a good idea to test a section of the clothing before you begin trying to eliminate the stain.

To get bloodstains out of clothing try the following.

1. Pour a small amount of your favorite store-brand or generic shampoo directly onto the stain.

2. Wet the item with cold or warm water and scrub briskly. Depending on the age of the stain, you may have to soak the item for several hours. After soaking, scrub the piece of clothing and proceed with the following steps.

3. If it is a machine washable item, toss into your washing machine for complete laundering. For hand washables, wash the item according to manufacturer's instructions.

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