Removing Glued Down Carpet

By Dremel Staff

Taking up glued-down carpet can be tedious and time-consuming, especially in a confined area. However, that shouldn’t keep you from the new flooring you want. The Model 6300 Dremel Multi-Max Oscillating Tool with the MM600 Rigid Scraper Blade helps remove bonded carpet easier so you can repair, remodel and restore with ease.

List of Items Needed

  • • Model 6300 Dremel Multi-Max Oscillating Tool
  • • MM600 Rigid Scraper Blade
  • • Petroleum jelly or silicone grease
  • • Utility knife
  • • Straightedge
  • • Safety glasses
  • • Gloves
  1. The Model 6300 Dremel Multi-Max Oscillating Tool with the Rigid Scraper Blade is perfect for removing large areas of flooring. Its compact shape and varying speeds make it easy to get the job done.

  2. Use the hex key to loosen the clamping screw just enough to slide the scraper blade between the accessory holder and the blade washer. Make sure the scraper blade connects with all the pins in the holder and sits flush against the accessory holder. Securely tighten the clamping screw with the hex key.

  3. Place a straightedge or a scrap 2” x 2” board on the carpet and score a line against it with the utility knife.

  4. Grease the scraper blade surface with petroleum jelly or silicone grease. Plug in the tool, set it to medium speed, and work the blade between the floor and the carpet at the scored line. When enough carpet has been loosened, use your free hand to hold it out of the way. Proceed to cut away the glue along the line between the floor and the carpet as you pull up the old carpet.

Tips and Warnings

  • • Unplug the tool when changing the accessories.
  • • Let the speed do the work for you. If you push the tool too hard, it may cause the blade to wear out faster.
  • • Wear protective gear, such as safety glasses, gloves and dust masks, when operating power tools.

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