Removing And Replacing Wood Wall Paneling

Remove and replace wood paneling yourself with little hassle.

Removing and/or replacing a section of wood paneling can be a necessity, whether to remove damaged sections or go with a different look for your walls. You can do the work yourself with only a few common tools and an hour or two of your time.

Before taking off the panel, carefully remove the crown molding and the baseboard. The finish may be difficult to match so, if possible, try to pry it off without damaging it. Inspect the panel closely and remove any brads in the panel with a pry bar or pincers. Once you are certain there are no more you can reach, set a chisel against the panel surface near one side and, using a hammer, carefully split it from top to bottom.

After one side is completely split, use a wrecking bar to pry it loose from the wall. Going back to the strip still attached, take a putty knife and loosen the glue bond between the panel and the wall. If the panel does not come off easily, use a thin pry bar to break the bond and remove any nails that might still be holding it down.

Set aside the scraps of the old panel and scrape off any glue still stuck to the wall and make sure the surface is reasonably smooth.

To put on a new panel, first check the fit and then set it aside to run a string of glue down the wall where the edge of the panel will attach. Push the panel down onto the glue and use a hammer against a padded block to make it stick evenly without damaging the surface. Use a nail set to sink in new brads and replace the crown molding and baseboard.

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