Removing Semi Permanent Hair Color Quickly

Need to remove semi-permanent hair color quickly? Try these home remedies.

Picture this-you visit your local beauty supply store and become mesmerized by that bottle of perfect hair dye on the shelf.It is semi-permanent dye, so you decide to take the plunge.Semi-permanent dye will only darken your hair because it does not contain the peroxide that is found in permanent hair color. Since it does not penetrate the cuticle and will eventually fade, it is gentler on your hair than permanent dye. Gentler does not mean easier however, and mistakes can be made.

You rush home, follow the directions exactly, and wait those torturous thirty minutes before washing it out only to reveal a hideous mistake.When this happens, you may find yourself wearing a hat for the 6-28 weeks it takes the dye to fade. But you do not have to accept this as your only option.Fortunately, for those massive hair disasters there are a few methods you can try to remove the semi-permanent dye quickly and painlessly.

There are many products available that are useful in correcting our hair blunders. Chemical products made particularly for removing semi-permanent dye can be found in your local drug store or beauty supply store.These removers are normally oil-based and specifically for hair dyed with semi-permanent color. However, if you are attempting to avoid using yet another chemical on your hair, there are several home remedies you can try first.

Try washing your hair numerous times within the first twenty-four hours of applying the dye.Shampoo, conditioner, water, and hot oil treatments will all gradually fade dye and you might be able to speed up this process if you act quickly.

After the first twenty-four hours, coat your hair with lemon juice or vinegar and let it sit for approximately ten minutes before washing again. Continue this regimen for a few days until your hair returns to a satisfactory color. Applying the lemon juice or vinegar before the twenty-four hour mark can cause a reaction with the semi-permanent dye. Be patient, or you might end up with green hair! Another tip from hair dye professionals is to use Prell shampoo.It seems to have quite an effect on fading hair dye and can be picked up at any drug store at a small price.

One thing to remember""hot, hot, hot!Hot water will help remove the color, as will the hot oil treatments mentioned above.No hot oil treatments around the house?No problem. Try hot extra virgin olive oil (but be careful not to burn yourself).

Now that you have taken care of the offending dye on your hair, it is time to concentrate on the dye on your scalp, forehead, and ears. The best technique for removing this stray dye is to utilize the toothpaste you use every evening.Apply a small amount to the dyed skin, rub it over the stain, and rinse with warm water.Repeat this step until the stain is removed.

If home remedies do not work to remove the dye, and you are still not happy with the results, see a professional.A color expert can help you decide what route you should take to restore your hair to its happy and healthy self.

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