Renting An Apartment Or A House

If you plan to rent either a house or an apartment, I can help.

Are you having to move and are thinking of renting either a house or an apartment?

Where ever you decide to rent, city, suburbs,country, house or apartment- finding just the right place to live is an exciiting business and will reap rewards if you find just the perfect place.

Remember one detail: it takes about ninety percent concentration and hard work, it is not just luck to find what you're after. Let's plot the attack at the first plan to be successful in finding the perfect rental.

Register with rental agencies in your area and tell them exactly what you are looking for, space, location and price monthly.

Study those for rent ads in the newspaper and also ride around looking for signs from individuals or from real estate agengies advertising houses or apartments for rent.

Try putting your own advertisment in the paper

requesting that perfect house or apartment to rent with your desires for space, availability and price per month.

Tell your friends, even neighborhood stores that

you are looking for an apartment or a house to rent, this can bring excellent results at times.

Now you'll need to look for other things besides,

location, space and price, these pointers may help.

Check out the plumbing when you look at the house or apartment, make sure the toilets are flushing, the pipes are running hot and cold water, is the shower working.

Now check out the heating system, will it be cost economical to operate or expensive? In colder climates this is as important as is the cooling system.

Are there laundry facilities in the apartment complex if not in the apartment, are there hookups for laundry appliances in the apartment or the house?

Check out the closets, the electrical outlets,

sound from the walls of the apartments on the other side.

Will you have to do any painting, wall papering,

etc. upon moving in? If so will the owner furnish the materials or perhaps have it done before you move in the house or apartment?

If renting either the house or apartment check to see if appliances in the kitchen area are included or will you have to supply them or perhaps purchase them.

Ask about the lease on either the house or apartment, the security deposit: do they allow children, pets? Lots of questions will bring about the right answers.

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