Renting A Chocolate Fountain For Events

Perfect for small or large crowds, the Chocolate Fountain capitalizes on the fondue craze by offering guests delicious melted chocolate to accompany various dipping items.

Chocolate fountains are quickly becoming a dessert staple, perfect for upscale events such as weddings and corporate functions and smaller events such as birthday parties or baby showers. Renting a chocolate fountain for a function is an economical and fun way to provide a treat for guests.

Chocolate fountains are available in a few different sizes and provide dessert for as little as 20 people and as many as 2,000 people. A chocolate fountain can serve as the only dessert choice or can be added to a dessert table as a unique option. Most fountains are rented for two to three hours (unless renting by mail) and can cost as little as $200 and as much as $600. Cost is dependent upon location, size of fountain, amount of chocolate, number and type of dipping items and on whether the rental is full service.

Before renting a chocolate fountain, it is important to make sure your event venue can accommodate the fountain. Fountains usually weight around 100lbs, so a sturdy table is essential to hold the fountain as well as make sure it is steady to distribute the chocolate evenly. The fountain also requires an electrical outlet close enough to the table to provide power. There are different electrical requirements depending on the size of the fountain that can be obtained from the rental facility. A chocolate fountain should not be used outdoors, as it attracts insects and the temperature may affect the consistency of the chocolate.

After securing a location for the fountain, the first step is to determine if a full service rental is needed. Full service rentals generally include a representative from the rental facility to come to the event location and administer the set up, provide maintenance/serving and conclude with the clean up of the fountain. The representative will also police the fountain to assure that no one is "ňúdouble dipping' or putting his or her fingers in the fountain. If holding the function at a catering facility, it is a good idea to check with them and determine if they allow a fountain representative to provide this service. Another option is to rent the fountain by mail, assemble using the provided instructions and maintain and clean the fountain before packing up and shipping back to the rental company. This option is essential for cities that don't have close access to a rental facility/representative. Packages include the fountain, chocolate and skewers.

Determining the number of guests attending the event is the next step to secure a chocolate fountain package. This will decide whether a small fountain, large fountain, or more than one fountain is needed. Additional chocolate can be purchased if the amount of guests exceeds the package of chocolate provided. Most rental companies only offer chocolate of the Coverture or CALLEBAUT brand. The main difference between the two is the use of additional cocoa butter in the Coverture brand. Both brands are processed differently than other chocolate, providing a creamy texture.

After securing the fountain size, the next step is to choose the dipping items. Choices are limitless and can include pretzels, cookies, graham crackers, or marshmallows. For a healthier spread, choose fruit such as strawberries, cherries or bananas. It is important to choose the dipping items wisely; some items such as cake could crumble in the chocolate and disrupt the consistency. Some companies provide the dipping items for an additional charge but most require customers or the catering facility to provide these items on their own.

Check the fountain packages to determine what type of serving items are included. Some packages include skewers for dipping as well as disposable dessert plates and napkins. Other packages only include the skewers and rely on the customer or caterer to provide linens and plates. Some companies also include matching decorations such as flowers and linens to cover the base of the fountain.

Chocolate fountains are becoming more popular as an exciting treat at celebratory events. Follow these easy steps to rent a fountain for an upcoming function and provide guests with a place to socialize over delicious dessert.

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