How To Repair Broken Window Shades And Rollers

Those of us who just hate to throw away a usuable repairable item will appreciate this information, on how to quickly repair our broken window shade.

Just a little short on money each month, or just downright frugal and you have noticed the window shades and rollers in your home are dilapidated and worn? Save some money and do it yourself, here is how.

Shades that are in good condition but torn or with cracks, can be reversed and repaired. Remove the shade and unroll to its full length, on a flat surface, with enough room to work efficiently. Pull the roller out of the shade itself, and cautiously remove the tacks that are holding the shade to the roller. These will need to be used again if possible. The newer versions may have staples attaching the shade to the roller, if so you can re-staple later.

Using scissors, cut off the hem (that holds the roller) it needs to be cut straight it will be attached to the roller, otherwise the shade will be uneven at the window. Fold a new hem, and sew the same width as the one that was cut away. This will be the bottom of your repaired shade.

Tack or staple the cut edge back on the roller, making sure it is straight. Use old tacks if available or purchase tacks of the same size. Make sure the tacks are the right size, as you do not want to tack or staple into the spring. The roller should be laid on the shade with the spring end to the right. Then tack the un-hemmed edge to the roller remembering to keep it straight, place it on the line drawn on the roller. Place the first tack in the center of the shade and roller and then at each end. Each tack should be about 3 inches apart in a straight line and an even distance apart. The shade should then, be rolled tightly all the way up.

The spring end of the roller will need to be at the left when hanging back to the window. Sometimes after a lot of use the spring will become weak, if this is the case, pull the shade down about 2 feet and then take it down from the window and hand roll it to the top. Replace and pull down to test the spring. Do this until the spring has enough tension to work properly.

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