Repair Your Concrete Driveway And Make It Look New Again

Repair your concrete driveway. Follow these steps and repair those cracks in no time at all. You can do it yourself!

Fill cracks less than 1/8 inch wide with latex or epoxy patching compound, following manufacturer's instructions. Larger cracks need to be undercut with a cold chisel angled slightly outward. Rap it with a 3-pound sledgehammer, widening the crack at the bottom. Sweep the crack clean with a stiff brush, dampen it, then paint the surfaces with a concrete bonding agent. Wait 15 minutes before adding mortar to the crack. Prepare mortar by mixing one part portland cement to three part's mason's sand. Add enough water to make a thick paste. For small jobs. use premixed mortar. Trowel on the mortar and smooth the surface with either a metal or wooden float.

To replace concrete, break up the damaged concrete with a 6 lb. sledgehammer. If the area is more than a few square feet in size, you may want to rent a jackhammer. Whatever method you choose, break the concrete into small pieces that aren't too heavy to remove. If necessary, install forms made from 2-by lumber to provide a border for the new concrete. Drive stakes on the outside of the forms and nail them to the forms with duplex nails. Pour a thin layer of gravel where the new concrete will go, then tamp and level it.

Install an expansion joint with masonry nails along the bordering structures, such as a house foundation or a driveway. The strip will allow the concrete to move independently of the adjoining structure. Lay wire mesh, resting on bricks, in the repair area. Pour some pre-mixed concrete into a wheelbarrow, add water, and mix until consistency is firm but workable. Coat the old concrete with a bonding agent. Then fill the damaged area with the concrete.

Use a straight 2x4 to screed the surface of the repaired area so it is smooth and level with the surrounding concrete. Rest the screed either on the forms or on the existing concrete to help guide the work. Float and finish the concrete to match the existing surface.

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