What Repair Needs Does A Home Inspection Reveal?

What repair needs does a home inspection reveal? Home inspections typically find problems with damaged wood, wiring that needs repair or roof problems on the exterior of the house. The most common problems...

The most common problems would be wood on the exterior- roof shingle damage would be the most common problem on the exterior. The most common interior problem would probably be double tap breakers- which is two wires going into one breaker. People do that because they run out of space. The panel is too small for the house and they just double up on the breakers, which is really a hazard. I see that a lot. I see a lot of breakers that are either too small or too large for their application. I am just giving examples. A lot of times people buy an older house that's probably had two to three air conditioners since the house was built. Normally, whenever you install a high efficiency air conditioner, you have heat problems.

If you've been in a house and it is more than 15 years old, chances are there are lot of things that are wrong with the home that you need to be aware of. A prime example is the roof. You have plumbing there. The pipes come out of the roof. You have air for your plumbing to work properly. Problems usually occur between the sixth and ninth year of the life expectancy of your roof. You usually get a 25-30 year roof life expectancy. These roofs have little rubber boots at the top of the base level. Pipe comes out under the roof and those little rubber boots hold it nice and tight. Everyday the sun will shine on that rubber. It is kind of like a rubber band that loses its elasticity. Eventually that boot will not hold that plumbing pipe any longer and it gets wallowed out. It doesn't hold nice and tight any more. When you get a heavy rain, water gets behind that boot and comes down that pipe and gets into the insulation. The fourth or fifth time after this happens, it comes through the insulation and then you see a stain in your ceiling on your sheetrock.

Air conditioners are another repair problem. Let's say you have an air conditioner that's 15 years old. Fifteen years ago, air conditioners were nowhere near as efficient as they are today. They required more electricity to operate. When an electrician comes and replaces your air conditioner, he has a much higher efficiency unit and it does not use as much electricity. If you look on the data plate on that unit, there is a metal plate on the back that tells you when it was manufactured, what size breaker that circuit needs- everything about it. It tells you the maximum size breaker for that circuit. When you put a high efficiency air conditioner where you didn't have one before, it doesn't need a 40 amp breaker, it needs a 20 amp breaker. That 20 amp breaker cannot trip a 40 amp breaker, so it can catch on fire. Your unit burns up and your house can burn up too. The manufacturer will come out and look at your panel and say that you have a 40 amp breaker and the unit requires a 20 amp. Now your warranty is voided because they didn't change the breaker size. I see that all the time. Other problems I see on the inside are leaking copper pipes and temperature released by the water heaters that are fitted improperly.

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