How Do You Repair Veneered Furniture?

How do you repair veneered furniture? Lifting often occurs with veneer furniture pieces. This can be fixed by reglueing the pieces; do not try to tear it off. Veneer is prettier than "real wood" because...

Veneer is prettier than "real wood" because the manufacturer has found a board that's fantastically figured. You can get 28 pieces of that beautiful figured wood. When they cut the veneer, they don't shuffle the deck, they cut it and keep it all together just like it is cut. If you take cut #20 and cut #21 out of it, it's just like your hands. Put them together, then open your hand (keeping your little fingers together), you will see the similarities from one to the other. That's what the veneer does. Uniformity is beautiful. The problem with veneer is lifting. Veneers have lifting in certain areas. This can usually be glued backed down. Don't try to tear it off.

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