How to Repair a Wooden Gun Stock

By Wade Shaddy

Gun stocks are tough, but not indestructible. They are exposed to weather, get dropped or simply dry out and split. When a stock cracks or splits, it needs to be repaired with waterproof resin glue. Modern resin glues are colored to make most stock repairs invisible because the glue lines blend into the natural grain lines of the stock. If your stock has even a small crack, you should repair it with resin glue before it gets worse.

List of Items Needed

  • Resin glue
  • Masking tape
  • Utility knife
  • Cotton swab
  • Hand clamp
  • Rotary tool with sanding accessories
  • Sandpaper
  1. Mix the resin glue powder with water according to the manufacturer's directions.

  2. Place a strip of masking tape on both sides of the crack or split as close to it as possible.

  3. Hold the gun across your lap and pry down on both sides to open the crack if possible. Insert the tip of a utility knife into the crack or split to hold it open.

  4. Dip a cotton swab into the resin glue. Smear it down the length of the crack. Use the tip of your finger to smash and forced the glue into the crack. Apply more glue with the swab and continue forcing it into the crack until it will not absorb any more glue.

  5. Remove the utility knife from the crack. Place a clamp across the stock to put pressure on the crack. Tighten the clamp until glue oozes out. Wipe off the wet glue with a damp cloth. Wait 24 hours. Remove the clamp and tape.

Tips and Warnings

  • If your stock is a light color, buy maple colored glue. If it is dark, buy walnut colored glue.
  • If excess glue dries on the gun stock, sand it lightly using a rotary tool and sanding accessories or sand it by hand with fine sandpaper. Refinish the wood afterward, if necessary.
  • Use pads to cover the ends of the clamps to prevent damaging the gun's finish.

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